Monday, August 4, 2008

First Trimester

My first trimester was wonderful. I only had the gaggies a couple of times..mostly in the morning with drainage. 4 weeks--July 7th--When we found out we were officially pregnant! 6 weeks--July 21st--First Sonogram--That day came..and we were so excited. My parents were so excited that they both had to come, too. When we arrived in Dr. Bello's office..she said, "WOW..never have seen this many people in here just for the heartbeat!" HA HA! You have to remember she is very dry! We got our very first pictures of the baby..looked like a lil' sweet pea on the screen...barely could see it. But we got to see the lil' heartbeat on screen..that was fun!8 weeks--August 4th--Sonogram in Dr. Bello's office...Wow..couldn't believe how much the baby had grown in just two weeks time. The baby was in a prize figher stance. 10 weeks--August 20th- First OBGYN appointment with Dr. Davis. Now, let me OBGYN is very good at what he does, no doubt..but he just dismisses ever joke that I throw out there. He's very to the point... direct... walking medical dictionary is what I call him. He did a whole bunch of tests..blood...examination..procedural stuff for first visit. He said everything seemed normal and good. But it was sure funny when he was giving me my breast exam while Mike was watching... such an odd thing should of seen Mike's face. HA HA!12 weeks--Sept 4th--Thorough Sonogram @ the hospital--This was an interesting procedure..not very comfortable..but VERY rewarding. We got to see about 100 different positions of our baby. It was amazing! Our baby even had a perfect profile. The sonographer kept saying, "I can't believe how perfect it already looks at 12 weeks." She said it weighed in at 2 oz. We even got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It was so wonderful..LIFE! It was beating at 165 bpm.