Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

This is actually my 2nd Mother's Day...Zoee was only 2 months old last year and now she's 14 months old. So crazy how time just flies right on by...guess it's like the ol' saying goes, "Time flies when you are having fun!" We went this year to Klondike on Mother's Day to see my nephew, Ethan, get dedicated to the church. Spent a lovely time over at Jillery's after church and Tyler took some snapshots of Zoee and I playing around in the yard.

She's practically running now...and I love playing chase with her. She's so funny and giggles the whole time.

Spending time with Mommy

Just love her precious face.

Look at her curls...Her hair is getting longer and I'm so excited..hopefully soon I'll be able to do something with it. Her face has changed so much in the past few months.

She's playing with her cousin, Ethan

So cute!

Their first fight over a toy...I foresee a lot of this happening in our near future...LOL

She's telling him what it is he is looking at. They are going to learn so much from each other.

Her action shot...ha ha

She's roaming around

Wonders what is on the ground

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lubbock and Levelland

Zoee @ 14 months old...visiting Mike's family in Levelland

Zoee and Sweet Pea (their dog) she loves Sweet Pea

Mike Sr. watching Zoee play around in the yard

Zoee plays with a new kitten..they kept meowing and she kept repeating their was so cute.
Sebrena and Zoee playing the piano together

We got to see Sebrena...isn't she beautiful? We took her out to eat for her birthday coming up and gave her presents. We had a great time visiting.

Loving on her sister

Isn't Sebrena growing up...she turns 16 this Friday! WOW

Uncle McKintosh and Sebrena

Eat your Peas, Please!

Zoee is 14 months old now and growing so big! She loves vegetables and fruits and I'm so happy about that. She especially loves peas. I think because they have kind of a sweet flavor to them. She loves to smash them and is real messy while eating them sometimes. Here is a great example!

It amazes me the things Zoee knows already. Her mind is like a sponge and absorbs everything that is said and done around her. We have to watch what we say already because she is already starting to repeat things that are said. This last week we had to go to a new babysitter because our regular babysitter (Mollie) went out of a town for the week to see her Mom for Mother's Day. Zoee did good at Mariel's house. Mariel has two kiddos of her own and she had a lot of fun playing. I'm so glad that she is learning to share and it shows here at home, too. Zoee is so sweet. She held up her babydoll to her chest the other day and started rocking it back and forth. Lil' expressions of love like this just warm my heart. I love just looking at Zoee and watching her grow..makes me feel so humbly blessed that I could have a daughter and it's even more miraculous to me how much she acts and looks like the both of us. She has been holding up the remote still like it's the telephone..she holds her hand up there, too and likes to mock people when she sees them talking on the phone. I think she is actually teething again because she was running a little fever last night and this morning. So I don't know what is going to pop up next.

She's indulging in a pretzel...she loves to eat.

Watching Mommy type this blog..ha ha

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life this week and Kaylee & Hydee's 3rd B-day!

Zoee's picture of Joseph that she colored for Mike and I today in Sunday School.

Zoee is going to be 14 months old on May a few days. She is getting so big! She is the cutest lil' thing ever. People are starting to tell me that she is looking more and more like me now. She was looking more like Mike. Zoee cracks Mike and I up every day. I miss her so much now that I've gone back to work...but glad that I have "ME" or "WORK" time..because it makes me enjoy our moments we do have together a lot more. Spring is in the air and we've been playing outside a lot more. Zoee plays hard at the babysitter's house and her and lil' Ethan (the boy she stays at the babysitter's house with) are doing great together. They have warmed up to each other..and he actually tries to come up and hold her hand..but she wants nothing to do with it. LOL I'm glad that Zoee is getting this time together with other kids at the babysitter's house, church, and at friend's houses to learn to share since she is the only little one we have. She's learning so many things. Her new words this week is "OH, BAH!" She is actually trying to say "Oh, Boy!" but it comes out as, "OH, BAH!" right's really adorable because she makes this face when she says it. Last week it was "NO". I guess because she is used to us telling her NO so much..she started repeating it. It's usually something different every week. She loves to turn the TV off and on at our house..and turns around when she does turn it off and just looks at us like...YEA, I TURNED IT OFF..NOW WHAT?? HA HA. I tell her to turn it back on ..and she says "NO" then goes back over and turns it on a little bit later and goes about her business. She's been talking into the remote control like you would the she understands a little of the concept of the phone..just wrong instrument..HA HA She loves loves loves music and dances around all the time. In fact, Mollie (the babysitter) asked me the other day if she dances a lot at home. She had rented Happy Feet for the kiddos and as they were watching it..Zoee danced the whole time. She loves to move and groove. She is in awe of Baby Einstein...I don't care what they say about it slowing their development over time..she loves it and seems to be learning new things from it. She actually has a "BIG" appetite and has ate a lot this week. I guess she is making up for last week..she didn't eat very much because she was teething. She is still getting into anything and everything..loves to talk to Posh our kitty. Loves her baby dolls..carries them around and loves on them. Zoee's kisses that she gives are more like French kisses..she loves to use her tongue..HA HA She loves going to church and they actually do little bible lessons every week. This week was about Joseph and she colored a little picture for us and then they read bible stories and learn each week about one of God's animals..this week was a Goldfish. I'm really impressed with our new church and have the greatest time. Mike and I have been learning so much for the message from Pastor Don...and I haven't felt this good in a long time, spiritually. It's actually a non-denominational's similar to the way I was raised..just more modern..but totally different for Mike. I'm glad he's liking it, too. I love love love our music worship and hoping to be up on stage soon singing alongside the ladies and men. If you would like to join us on a Sunday morning please visit the church website:

Getting ready to leave for their birthday party. Zoee actually let me put a ponytail in her hair with a bow...too cute!

OH BOY--her first actually time in the jumper by herself without assitance..she bounced around and had fun.

The girls bounced around her up and down a little

Then she was ready to get out..LOL

Zoee is about to be 14 months old..can you believe it??

Aren't they so cute??

Hagen and Zoee playing around after the party

Learning to share

Mike said, "Now, they can't do this when they are older!" LOL Hagen and Zoee taking a bath together...they both LOVE the water and splashed around for a while in there.