Saturday, October 31, 2009


My lil' Pocahontas

Doing her lil' rain dance!

Kiddo vs. Kitty

Zoee is chewing on a pacifier..
she never took one until she started teething..and she just likes to chew on the edges of it.
I came into the room the other day and this is what I saw--
Posh was walking the edge of the Super Play Yard and Zoee trying to pull her down.
"LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!" is all I could think of in my head...LOL

Aren't her Baby Leg (leggings) too cute...I just love 'em!
She's just kicked back chillin'

Newest Nursery Pictures

These are pictures of Zoee's nursery in our new house
She loves hanging out in here

That thing on the wall that is glowing is actually a ladybug nightlight I got at IKEA.
It's really cool!

Does an 8-month-old really need this many clothes..UMM..YES!!! LOL
(What's funny is that this is only one angle..there has a lot more on the other side of her closet)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayers Do Get Answered!

As most of you already know, Mike has been working nights since starting his newest job a few months ago. This hasn't been very fun being at home with Zoee in the evenings by myself..but we've endured it. You have to do what you have to do, right?? Well, Mike called me from work the other night and told me GREAT NEWS!! They are moving him into a day position...FINALLY!!! This is something we've been praying for and he's been wanting to get on days for a while so we can have somewhat of a normal schedule. It's been hard on us..but we endured it and our prayers were finally answered...Guess good things do come to those who wait!

Bow-Dacious Fun!

This one is the first one I made!

I started a new hobby..Yes, I finally have a hobby! I thought I had lost my artsy fartsy self--but it's back! I've been paying an outrageous price for hair bows for I decided to make some. We went to Hobby Lobby the other day and raided the ribbon aisle. Mom bought me all kinds of ribbon and I've been a busy lil' bee while Zoee is napping or asleep making these cute lil' bows.
Zoee is going to need a second bow holder now cause I have a ton more ribbon and bows to go!

An Outing with Grammie and PawPaw

It was super chilly on Monday when Grammie and PawPaw came to visit us. We decided to get all dressed up in a warm lil' outfit to go out on the town. This is Zoee's $4.00 special buy at the Just Between Friends sale..isn't it adorable?? Even got her shoes (which had never been worn) still with the tags on them --at that same sale for $3.00. They are from Gymboree. TOO FUN!
Thought I'd throw Posh in the mix. Mike thought it would be funny to put the TV remote in front of her as she was watching

Lunchtime and Pure Awesomeness!

She looks sad cause her teeth have been bothering her.
Poor Baby!

This is hilarious!
(Please read the article below to get why she is holding the spoon this way)

In her new playpen, or as the lady at the store when I was buying it said (her new CAGE).
UGHH!! Until you try this lil' Super Playyard out, you will not know the awesomeness of it.
Keeps them out of trouble and out of things that can hurt them.
Zoee also likes to hold on to the side of it and stand up and walk around it instead of our coffee table, like the other day when she busted her lip while falling to the ground. It was before I got this..and I panicked..cause I thought she might have chipped her two bottom teeth that she just got in. She just had a little bloody lip and it swelled up a little..but healed really quickly.
As you can see, the whole thing is full of toys and stuff.
Don't look at all the clutter! LOL

As you already know, Zoee can be quite the character! These are a few pictures Mike and I took the other day while feeding Zoee. She's been teething really bad for the past few days. Her actual fang teeth are coming in right at Halloween..too funny, huh! I can already see them and they have been causing her a lot of pain. She's even waking up during the night, which she NEVER does.
Well, Mike was feeding her and I guess she loved the feeling of the spoon in her mouth..cause she just kept it in there for the longest time. She would just stare at him and give him a look like, "Go Ahead, I dare you to take it out!" LOL
Oh, and thanks Grammie for the new pajamas. The 9 month ones from Target are already fitting her, which surprises me. They are super cute on her.

Sleepy Time and a Sink Bath

Zoee loves the water
"Don't get it in my ears, Grammie."
"AHHH...This feels good!!!"
I'm sure most everybody can look back at old pictures and see themselves getting bathed in the sink at least once in their childhood. I remember looking at a particular picture of myself and my cousin, Amy, side by side in a sink full of water just having fun! These are pics of Zoee splashing around in Grammie's sink when we went to visit. Here, also, is a pic of Mike and Zoee taking a nap together on a Sunday afternoon..So sweet!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Carlie's 1st Birthday and My lil' Pocahontas

P.J., Carlie, and Erica

Carlie's 1st Birthday Party

She figured out how to dig into her cake..she even got it in her eye!

Opening presents

The adult birthday was yumm-O!

It was a dress up party for Zoee got to wear her costume
My lil' Pocahontas

Having fun with Dad at the party

Roaming around the Living Room

I'm loving her personality

Playing with her toys

Her favorite thing to do these days..pull herself up on anything she can

Particularly her Jumparoo is her favorite

It scares me when her feet are like that..but the pediatrician said it was okay.

She even likes to get underneath it

There she goes!

"Why do you have to take so many pics, Mom??"