Tuesday, August 11, 2009

She just turned 5 months old!

Jillery and Tyler..after giving them both a haircut.

Jillery is 22 weeks pregnant in this pic. Her baby boy and Zoee are actually going to be 9 months apart exactly..funny, huh? Guess my hormones rubbed off on her from my pregnancy. I cannot wait until Xmas with two new additions to our family..it's going to be fun!

She is getting so big...I wish she would slow down. She's been eating solids for a while..had to up her food portions..and she just gobbles everything up. She's been teething for a while..but nothing in sight yet. She's on the verge of crawling..almost has it down. I love it cause she sleeps with her lil' bo hinney up in the air at night. She makes Mike and I laugh so much..and we're amazed and so blessed that we have a happy, healthy lil' girl!

Giving my lil' boo bear some kisses!

She loves her Tia!

My Polka-Dotted Princess

Zoee is growing up so fast...I can't believe she is already 5 months old. She has the biggest personality..and loves to make us laugh.

An Eventful Saturday Outing

We had a great Saturday..spending time as a lil' family unit. We went and I got my hair colored/cut..Zoee was actually really good..but peed on Mike's leg..too funny. Wish I took pictures..but I was too busy laughing to stop and grab the camera. We went shopping at this neat lil' store in Odessa for baby clothes. I adore everything in there and I want one of everything for Zoee. I will have to steer clear to save our bank account. But this is one of the items I did purchase for Zoee to wear this fall/winter. Isn't it adorable?? She's going to look so cute..so stay tuned for more pictures of this snazzy number.

Here's daddy and daughter posing for the camera. And for all those wondering..yes, that is a mohalk on Mike's head. He made me do it people!

My new color and cut..along with my sassy daughter. Mike said she looked like the Twister game that day with all her polka dots on.

Okay..we finally did it. I broke down and pierced Zoee's ears on August 1st. I toyed with the idea of it for many months..and figured if I'm actually going to do ...it's either now or never. I refuse to post the picture of her getting it done..it's really not that bad
(but I'm sure a lot of you will have your own opinions
of me being a mean mom for doing it already)
But needless to say, she turned out having 14-karat gold cute earrings that look fabulous on her..and she only screamed 2 loud screams and then that was it..she turned all blotchy like I did when I'm mad..as you see in this picture..but she forgot all about it 10 minutes later.
I think she was more scared because there was two ladies that did both ears at the same time (which is totally better than doing one ear and then the other) and it scared her Mike was holding her head still. She shot the lady in the picture one mean GO TO HADES looks...and then refused to look at her again. She hasn't messed with them since..and I keep them really clean..and she's doing great with them. I'm hoping she will thank me later on for doing it early when she didn't remember the pain.

This is us before getting into the car right after the major event...she still wasn't happy

Klondike Family Fun

Zoee and I took off to Klondike for a few days to spend some time with Jillery and Tyler before Jillery had to go back to school. We had a great time hanging out...I slept a lot and I even walked a mile one evening at the Klondike track with Zoee in tow. I miss hanging out with my sis! Ever since we've grown up and gotten "adult" lives..we don't do it as much.

Tyler and Zoee bonded...she's preparing him to be a daddy!

Loving on Casper (Jillery & Tyler's dog)

They became fast friends

Ahh..how sweet!

Getting some sugars from her Aunt Jillery

Miranda's Baby Shower Outing

Miranda and Tammy

Me and Danitza

Angie P., Meghann, and Rendi

Zoee was pooped

Miranda is the dashing mommy-to-be..She's due in September. We all missed her baby shower a few weekends ago..so we met at Abuelo's for lunch and came adorning her with gifts for the baby.

Just visiting

Here we are hanging out at Amanda & Bidal's house..we got to her their new lil' boy. He is precious. Her twin daughters were such a hoot..they didn't know what to think of Zoee...I think cause she's getting bigger and they don't get to see her very often.

The Thumbsucker Strikes Again...

Zoee started sucking her thumb a few weeks ago. She never took a pacifier..and she has now realized how to suck on one finger and not the whole fist.

She realized that she can hold both of her hands together..Aye..the things she learns during the days at home!

"Seriously Mom, do you have to take my picture all the time?"

Too cute..these are the two things that help her fall asleep in her swing.

She's getting ready to grub...she loves eating veggies, fruits, and cereal.
And thanks to a friend..we've introduced her to these yummy yogurt bites that melt away in your mouth..they are so good..and she LOVES them!