Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fun Lovin' Cousins

 This is Lexi.  She is my cousin's Zoee's 2nd cousin.  Don't they look alike?  Cuties!
 Hanging out and having fun
 Love my lil' niece is so adorable

Monday, August 25, 2014

1st Day of Kindergarten

Well, it's here.  Zoee's 1st day of Kindergarten.  I wasn't sad...just praying she has a good year.  She's grown up so much already.  She is starting at a new school that's not even finished being built.  They move in to their classrooms next week hopefully.  
 Daddy got to take her to class with me and she loved it.  She's a big Daddy's girl so this picture says it all.
 Zoee's pretty
 We gave her teacher a fun lil' gift for the new year.

 She was really excited.
 The sunrise on the way to school was beautiful.
 Julianna was in Zoee's Pre-K class and she's in her class this year, too.  So fun

Pooped out after school.  I asked if she wanted to take a nap and she said..No, Mom you can ..but I'm not.  This is what I saw about five mins after that conversation.  HA HA

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Starting Kindergarten

Excited to start Kindergarten.  The night before Sebrena read this new book I got her and we did our new nightly routine and went to bed.  Can't believe she is starting Kinder.  Growing up way too fast.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dallas Trip to the Docs

We spent 3 days in Dallas. First day was spent at the doctor for my Mom.  She went for a check up on her arms with her orthopedist.  He had bad news after x-raying them.  She has to have another replacement but the kicker is they only make the replacement part in Italy.  Her doctor is working to the FDA approve it to be made here in the it may be a while before she is able to get this done.  She's also on a waiting list. :(  Then I had an appointment for my left eye with another retinologist in the group of doctors I've been seeing.  It came out that they set me up to see the wrong doctor so my trip to Dallas this time was really unnecessary.  I was so mad!  It costs a lot of money to travel up there ..stay, food, doc visits etc.  She basically told me I don't know why they set you up with me.  She was really nice but I had to an ERG that morning and then more eye tests at their office.  It lasted almost 4 hours.  NO FUN!  I'll tell ya more about the testing etc after I go back and see one last doctor for this.  I am going in a couple of weeks and will make a post about what the docs think.  So far I have been diagnosed with Visual Field Defect, Retinoschisis, and Chorioretinitis.  They are looking into diagnosing me with one more thing but will talk more about that soon. 
 We went to a mall to kill some time.  Zoee loves the Disney store.  They had these neat trees up all around the store with the Disney Fairies projected on them.  It was cool.  She was posing in a castle with a magic mirror.  They have the neatest things in their store.
 The UP house was in the middle of the mall.

 I tried to run quickly by the Build a Bear store.  Zoee loves it, too.  They have some really cute things.  They had a sale going we stopped in and Zoee got Aeriel's cat.  We went to eat at my all time favorite Tex/Mex restaurant, Pappasitos (man I wish they would get one here in Odessa).  Zoee drew her Palace pet..she is such an artist.
 We swung by Target afterwards and were beat.  So Mom got on a scooter chair.  She picked up one that didn't have much by the end of our visit it was going really slow.  I went around the corner..I saw Zoee pushing Mom along to make her go faster.  I look back and this is what I see.  I had to snap a pic for fun memories, of course.  Mom cracks up every time she sees this.  I just noticed that the guy in the pic must of had a mean craving for Cheetos, too.  FUNNY altogether.  Zoee is so dramatic and this shows.  She's hilarious.

 Mom and Zoee ordered a brownie sundae.  It was good. I had a bite.
 We also go to see Ashton, Adelynn, and Amber.  We haven't seen them in such a long time.  Ashton and Zoee loved playing together.  They are so cute. We went to a place called Kidmania.  It was really fun and HUGE.

And afternoon of fun!

Doctor Check Up for Femoral Anteversion

 We took Zoee for a check up before school starts with her legs.  She has femoral anteversion and twisted hips.  We saw a new doctor in Lubbock (that we did not like).  She hasn't seen then doc for this since she was two years old.  They said she would eventually grow out of it and there is nothing we can do about it.  But poor baby is really clumsier because of it.  We just want to make sure we are being productive and doing everything we can while she is young to help it.  But apparently there is nothing we can do.  It is something she will have to live with and hopefully as she grows it will get better. :(  I hate that my baby has to have this but God makes everybody special in their own way.  Here we are waiting for the doc to come in acting silly.  The table in his office was the smallest I've ever seen so I had to take a picture of her cute self.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Mom, Jillery, and the kiddos met us for lunch at Mi Piaci's (another favorite place of mine to eat) for my birthday.  Afterwards, we went and did some shopping and then I told the kids that they could stay the night with us for two days.  It's the end of summer cause school is about to start and they miss each other.  I knew they wouldn't get to see each other as much during the school year.  But the kids had such a blast together.  Lily loves to dress up.  And her and Zoee had so much fun dressing up all weekend.  We took them to the park and McDonald's to play for a treat.  Zoee was so loving with Lilly.  Ethan and Zoee start fighting like brother and sister when they are around each other a while.  HA  It's funny.  They miss each other  and ask for each other when they are apart..but fight when they are around each other.  It's crazy!  But it was a great weekend having them here.  I wouldn't say I could ever be a Mom of three small ones..but it was fun times with them for two days. :) HA

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy 35th Birthday to Me

 Happy 35th to ME!  I had a great birthday this year.  Sebrena wrote me some wonderful meaningful words on FB.  She also took me out to eat at Outback for a yummy steak and baked potato.MY FAV!  We also got a brownie since I didn't get a cake. We went to see Step Up All In in was really cool.  I love those cheesy dance shows.  :)  Zoee was at Grammy & Papaw's house that weekend before school started.  She wanted to spend some time with them before the rat race begins.