Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I finally figured out how to get all my videos off of my video camera..LOL So I will be downloading quite a bit. Hope you enjoy!

Zoee's First Time on her new swingset

Grammy and Grumps came over the other day to watch Zoee while Mike and I went up to decorate my new room...they brought her an early Easter present and she loves it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snack Attack!

Zoee had a snack attack yesterday..needless to say, she needed a bath after this...LOL

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wascally Wabbit!

Free Photo (courtesy of the Music City Mall and us being a member of their Facebook page). It was awesome..the first 10 people that commented on their page received a free 5x7 pic with the Easter Bunny. I happened to be the 10th person! Lucky Day!

Well tonight we went and got Zoee's picture taken with the Big Ol' Easter Bunny and for some reason I figured she would be scared of him. He was a HUGE BUNNY, but never-the-less cute as can be. Zoee had a blast getting her picture taken. Mike sat her in his lap and she examined him at first and I thought, " it comes". She's going to start crying. But nope, such a trooper. She started pulling on his whiskers and tugging on his bowtie. SO CUTE! She kept rubbing on his fur. And when it was time to take the pic, she was showing off real big for EVERYBODY. All the people around us were just laughing and carrying on about how fun and cute she was. There were actually TWO "Wascally Wabbits" in the picture. HA HA!! I can't wait to see Zoee hunt Easter Eggs..I think she will have fun picking them up in the yard this year since she is running all over the place now. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! (Make sure you look for pics of Easter ...Coming Soon!)

(The pic actually looks better than this in person. I had to reshoot it with my camera because I don't have a scanner at my home)

Cracking UP!

Zoee was having so much fun the other day while eating her snackies, I decided to pull out the camera and start shooting. She was cracking up for no particular reason...guess she was just being a ham. It's moments like these that remind me of how lucky I am to have such a smart, beautiful, and fun little girl. I can't say baby anymore cause she's growing up so fast! We're loving our lil' one year old.

Beautiful Brown-eyed Girl!

She had her snackies and milk EVERYWHERE!

This looks just like me..I'm always laughing with my mouth open! LOL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is Here!

Mike put up Zoee's swingset this weekend and she was a little apprehensive about it at first..but when she laid back and relaxed she had a lot of fun! She loves her Daddy to push her..and even fell asleep in her new swing the other day. Can't wait for more warmer days to come so we can have some fun in the sun!

She thinks: "I don't know about this, Mom!"


She loves it!

Wow...can't believe how much she looks like ME in this picture...LOL

Rocking her sunglasses inside..HA HA

Daddy gave her a Ring Pop and it was her first candy and she LOVED it!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

More Pics of Zoee's 1st Birthday

My cousin, Amy and her two cute lil' boys, Jhett and Owen

Tyler took these pics of Zoee at the party..her diving into her cake

Looking at what she got as gifts

She was excited about her Sesame Street musical book

Tags is what she loves best..she loves to chew on them..she even reaches out for them when we're shopping in a clothing store

OMG...there are tons of tags..she assesses the situation and wonders which one to put in her mouth first..LOL

She recieved tons of cute clothes... Kaylee, Hydee, and Jhett did a good job at helping her open her gifts

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Zoee's 1-Year Check up

Zoee was waiting for her pediatrician to come in
She weighs 19.5 lbs. and is 29 1/2 inches long at a year old.
She had to get 5 vaccinations and did really well. Only cried for a little bit.
She is walking really well for somebody who has only been walking for about 3 weeks. The doctor says she is a really determined lil' girl because she isn't suppose to be walking yet because she still has baby reflexes in her feet, which make them turn in still. She is saying many words such as Mama, Dadda, a lot of B sounds, Kitty, and Mike thinks she sounds like she speaks German in her own lil' language. She loves to hum along with songs and dance around. She is extremely curious and she is into EVERYTHING. She loves to put everything in her mouth. You can definitely tell when she is mad at you for taking something away or telling her "No"...cause she has started leaning forward and goes at you like she is trying to bite.
She especially loves getting behind the living room curtain and looking out the window and loves to take all the pictures off the bottom shelf in the living room and put them back up again in different positions. She is teething right now and got her 7th tooth in the other day and has another tooth poking through right it should be coming in any day now. She is on regular milk and we are going to wean her completely off the bottle next week. I hope she transitions smoothly. She already loves to drink water and juice out of her bottle. She especially loves vegetables and fruits. She is eating a lot of table food.

She loves to crumple up the paper on the bed

After getting home she wanted to play!

Cute Cousins and Birthday Bubbles

Mindy came over and brought Zoee her birthday present early because she couldn't be at the party. It was a bag full of goodies and bubbles were in there, too!

I had to post this cute lil' pic of Ethan, Zoee's cousin. Isn't he adorable??

Mike is letting Zoee go round and round on her new Sit -n- Spin. She was a little scared at first

But really had fun after she got the hang of it.

Zoee was making sure Ethan was okay.

Zoee is watching Ethan lounge in the bouncer.

Zoee's first experience with bubbles

She kept closing her eyes, but Posh sure loved chasing after them.

Zoee's 1st Birthday Party

We threw Zoee her 1st Birthday on her actual birth day, March 6th. We had a great turn out of 35 people. We have some really great family and friends that love Zoee very much! She had a good time eating cake and tearing into her presents. Thanks for everybody that was there and all the presents. She is going to have fun this Spring and Summer playing with all of her toys and she is going to be dressed so cute! Thanks EVERYBODY!

The Party Table

Zoee's cake, which is actually the wrong character. I went to pick it up from the lady that made it on Saturday and she had done Abby Cadabby instead of Zoe from Sesame Street. I was quite irrate, but it all turned out.. nobody really noticed. LOL

The Princess's throne

Jillery and Ethan (Don't you like Jillery's new haircut and color? I did it!)

She got a ton of presents..Thanks everyone!

Not sure what to do with everybody staring at her..LOL

Hmm..this tastes pretty good!

She didn't really get too dirty this time..she was enjoying eating her cake.

She is playing with her new toys she got for her birthday in her new Dora the Explorer tent/tunnel. Caleb and Jeremiah were having fun, too!