Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

Easter Sunday we were at my parent's we went to church.  They had a fun lil' Easter egg hunt before church and then we made it about a quarter into service (if that) before I had a seizure.  :(  Mom, Zoee, Mike, and I had to leave.  But they had a really time hunting eggs that morning even though it was really cold.
Zoee in her Easter Dress with basket..cute!

 I love this picture of Mike and Lily.  Sweet!
 Jillery looked beautiful!
 We then had a wonderful turkey/dressing with all trimmings meal made by Mom and then the Easter Bunny had stopped by the grandparent's house.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Outing with Zoee and Ethan

Mike and I needed some fresh air so we took Zoee and Ethan to play at the park in Lamesa the Saturday before Easter and then they had a lil' Easter egg hunt put on by their local fire dept.  It was a really fun day.  Weather was perfect and the kiddos had a blast playing together and hunting eggs.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Cousins Decorating Easter Eggs

 Mom boiled several eggs and we dyed eggs.  Ethan had never done it so he had ball and was going really fast.  Zoee just liked the messiness of it all..HA!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Update on Health & Prayers Needed

I wanted to update you on how I'm doing health wise.  It's not very good right now.  I am awaiting my visit to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  I was able to get an appointment on April 15th and it cannot come soon enough.  I still am having the muscle spasms, tremors throughout my body, and numbness and tingling throughout my arms, hands, legs, and feet.  I have to walk with a cane most places and have good and bad days.  Unfortunately everybody has good and bad days..but my bad days really get me down.  I have to usually stay in bed.  So far, I have found that heat and really cold affect me in the worse ways.  Not sure why that is..hopefully soon I will be able to know.  I get this redness ..rash-like thing on face and neck that is very odd and I have broke out in a rash on my forearms that stays around for a couple of days at a time.

Excuse the HORRIBLE picture of me!
  My tremors seem to be worse in the morning.  I have had three epileptic type episodes happen this month and one last month. They are very scary. Thank goodness they have all been at home and when Mike has been here to witness and help me.  I am trying to stay strong for my family..Mike has picked up the slack BIG TIME.  He cooks more and cleans..helps with Zoee a tremendous amount.  He's such a blessing to me and what I'm going through.  I would ask that you pray for our family as a whole.  We are going through some financial hardship right now because Mike's not have any overtime hours since January and he also found out that on Monday he will no longer be employed in 60 days. His company is shutting down here in Odessa.  Talk about kicking ya while your down.  We pray that God is closing this door in our life and going to open a glorious window very soon.  We have to wait until we get back from Mayo to decide on anything.  He has a few options already and will know more next week about a possible transfer to Ft. Worth with the company he is working for now.  It's been a rough road so far this that we are trying to stay as positive as possible about.  We pray every day that God blesses our life.  We lean on each other and our marriage has grown stronger because of it.

That being said, I have set up a fundraiser for myself.  Yes, for myself.  It was really awkward doing this at first.  My friend, Mindy, came to me with the idea of doing this for funding for our trip to Minnesota.  I said, No, I couldn't possibly ask people for money.  She reminded me that everybody needs help at some point in their life.  After praying about it, I got the answer I needed and went forward with it.  I found an organization online called GiveForward.  It was super easy to do and it looked promising.  The first week of my submission to friends and family and even people I do not even know wrote to me and gave donations for my journey to wellness.  I was extremely overwhelmed at the love and support I have and how generous people are.  This is truly God's work and I am so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.  If you would like to be apart of my journey, please go and take a look at my fundraising page.  I promise God will bless you for blessing others.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day 2013

 For St. Patty's Day, we decided to do a little craft.  Zoee thought it would be fun to razz her Papaw by putting his face as the Leprechaun.  It turned out really cute.  This is mine on top and Zoee's is on bottom.  Mike drew the it was a family craft.   I love that Mike gets involved, too.  He's such a great artist!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Octavio & Noemi's Wedding

We had the pleasure of attending Octavio & Noemi's Wedding Reception.  This was a very special wedding for us because I am the one that introduced the two of them.  I was so glad they made a love connection and wish them all the best in the future!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Katlyn & Haelynn's Visit

 Katlyn and Haelynn came to town to visit.  Zoee missed Haelynn sooo much and they stayed with us for a few days before Zoee's birthday.  Our friends, Traci, Brad, Koleton also came over and brought their newest addition, Kian, to visit.  Mike, of course, LOVES he held Kian for a long time.

 I bought the girls matching nightgowns a long time ago and they had a ball matching!

Sharing a basket and some smiles!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Birthday Surprise!

This is what Zoee woke up to on her actual birthday!  Now that Zoee is four, she really understands the true meaning of birthdays and how important she is to us.  We try to make them as special as we can for her.  She had fun busting through the streamers and balloons are her absolutely favorite thing!  She even likes to go through the picture albums I put together of her birth pictures and her first two years with us.  She is so precious and Mike and I thank God every day for giving her to us!

Zoee's Actual 4th Birthday!

Zoee is 4 !! (TEAR)
She has grown up so much.  She is sooo full of life and spirit and loves to be lovable.  She is quite tempermental right now with a diva attitude.  It seems to always happen around her birthday.  She talks back a lot but is very very intelligent.  Uses huge words.  She loves to learn and even knows some Spanish.  She weighs 49 lbs and last time she went to the doctor she was 3 inches shy of 4 foot.  WOW!  VERY TALL 
She's spunky..very outgoing, and loves to put on a show for anybody how will watch.  She's in gymnastics right now and is about to start soccer very soon.  She looks like the both of us a lot.  Some days I see her Daddy and some days I see myself in her.  She acts a lot like her Papaw and Grammy.  She just got a new big girl bed with slide that is in love with and still takes naps on occasion.  Her favorite foods are hamburgers and french fries, spaghetti, strawberries, summer sausage, fruit snacks, green beans, and sweet tea.  She LOVES chocolate! (like her Grammy) Her favorite restaurants are anything with a burger and fries and Ghengis Grill.  She can't get enough of their sausage, baby corn, green beans, and noodles there. She loves to play pretend and make believe (big imagination) and pretends she is a kitty all the time.  She has a new found love for Netflix shows cause it has about every show on there for kids you can imagine.  She's very independent and loves to be helpful.  Her favorite color is pink..mainly hot pink.  She loves to cuddle (which I love) and loves to learn on the IPad or Nook.  She's a very healthy and happy lil' girl .  We love her so much!

We took her to Fuddrucker's for her favorite meal..HAMBURGERS and french fries!
Rode the carousel that she loves.