Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Switching Over!

Well, we finally did it. We've switched Zoee over to regular milk now. No more formula. I didn't think she would take to it as well as she did. That's what I get for having doubt! She actually really likes it. And the best part is that her tummy totally agrees with it, which I was really worried about. I've heard a lot of horrible stories about switching over. She just goes to the restroom a lot more now while she's adjusting...ha ha!

Well, there is only five more days until Zoee turns the big "1 year"! It is just still hard for me to imagine that it's been a year. Before I know it, she's going to be going to Kindergarten, having sleep overs and taking Driver's Ed. It just amazes me what all she can do now. She's so intelligent and so eager to know what everything is and what everything does. She ate spaghetti for the first time with us tonight..and it was so cute..she just slurped up her noodles. She LOVES table food. Cannot get enough and has to try everything on our plates. She even points and does the lil' "give me" hand gesture when she wants something now. She loves taunting Posh (our kitty) and just giggles and giggles when Posh gets close to her. She has learned how to walk down the hallway to her room and grab a toy and bring it into the living room to play with it. Even though she has a million toys already in the living room to play with. She's actually walking really really well for just starting out. Almost running!! I seriously don't know how I'm going to be able to keep up with her.

We're gearing up for her big 1st birthday party..and we have a lot of close family and friends that have already RSVP'd. I don't know where I'm going to put everybody...but it's going to be a lot of fun! We bought a swingset for Zoee..and Mike is going to have to put it up sometime this week. I'm hoping the weather will be good enough for us to go and play outside for a little while. I'm ready though and all the decorations are so cute!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zoee's Year Pictures

Oh my! While in Lubbock this past weekend, we took Zoee's year birthday pictures. It was so fun, but a lot of work. She did so great and had a lot of fun, too. I didn't think she would want to touch her birthday cake because she's usually one that doesn't like to get messy. But, nope, she dived right in and by the time the shoot was over, that cake was ..well, C-A-K-E! Literally! LOL It was demolished and she was a total mess but it was well worth it..because we got some awesome pictures to prove it! Her party is in two weeks and going to be so much fun...we can't wait!

Interviewing for Nannies

Wow! I keep telling myself over and over..I can't believe it's finally here! It's that time where I'm about to go back to work and I've been trying to muster up the courage to interview for nannies. I am doing my first interview tomorrow with a young lady and I hope I find someone really soon that we love. It's so scary leaving your child to go back to work..just the thought is making me nervous...but I have been praying really hard about it and I hope that God will send me someone that is awesome and that will take really good care of Zoee. I'll be posting later on about how the interviews go. Wish us luck!

On a quick note...I heard something funny going on outside a while ago..and I peeked outside and it's snowing. We have had one CRAZY winter. I mean, that's what it's actually suppose to snow in the winter..but it's crazy how it's warmer one day and then snowing the next. WACKY WEST TEXAS!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our 6th Anniversary and Trip to Lubbock

Zoee hanging out with her Abuelita..playing the piano.
She actually played the keys like she was already a pro..not just banging on them.

Zoee is walking better and better each day.

Caden is making funny faces and Zoee doesn't know what to think.

Hanging out with Jenn

Zoee playing around when we got home

She has new PJ's and had to check them out.

We went to Lubbock this past weekend to do a little shopping and get out of town. I bought some things for my new room I will be in up at the salon. When I get it all decorated, it's going to be really cute!

We visited with Mike's family for a little while and I'm so glad that Janie (his mom) looks better. For those of you who don't know already, Janie has Parkinson's. The same year Mike and I got married is the same year she got I've seen her disease progress and see what it has done to the family and the different stages that you go through. Right now, there is not a cure since it is a progressive disease, but I pray that there will someday soon they can find a cure. I'm glad that she feeling much better..cause this past year has been pretty rough. Please pray for her and our family!

We also got to see one of my really great friends, Jennifer, and her family. Jennifer is AWESOME! She feels like a sister to me. We met several years ago and have been close friends ever since. We don't get to see each other that often since we live in different towns, but we pick right up where we left off at every time we do see each other. We had dinner with her and while talking to her at dinner, she had been observing Zoee. She kept saying over and over how well Zoee behaves for her age in a restaurant. This made me feel so proud as a mom...not that I have a whole lot to do with that right now, as far as being an influence...but just that I felt so blessed to have such an amazing lil' daughter. Jennifer started tearing up at dinner after she said that..and she said.."She is so wonderful and beautiful!" This made me feel so great inside.

Jennifer has a son who was born when she was only 26 weeks along in her pregnancy. Caden is amazing! Their family has dealt with a lot of health issues with Caden since he was so premature, but he is such a trooper and one awesome lil' boy. He is now in school and has overcome a lot of obstacles. It takes one special person to be a mom to a child with many health issues while growing up. She is just such an inspiration to me as a mom. Her Christanity and faith has helped her through a lot of things in life...and it's just amazing seeing Caden grow into an awesome lil' person. I love them so much and wished I could see them more but cherish the time I do get to spend with them.

Also, Mike and I had our 6th wedding anniversary on February 21st, this past Sunday. I got Mike XM radio and a Oakland Raider man bracelet that he's been wanting. He loved them both. He got me new clothes (that's what I wanted). We celebrated by spending time together as a family. I cannot believe it's been 6 years already that we've been married and 8 that we've actually been together. It's amazing how fast the time flies...and I'm so lucky to have found such an awesome man. I couldn't ask for better qualities in the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. He's so nurturing, helpful, caring, loving, honest, hardworking..I could go on and on! But what I love most of all is he treats me so much respect and loves our daughter so much and takes really great care of her. Love you Baby!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

11 1/2 Month Update..We're almost there!

She's lovin' her spaghettios

YUM! YUM! YUM! (I look back at these pictures and wonder why the heck I don't put a bib on my child...LOL She doesn't have a bib on in most of her eating pics...HA HA!

She loves getting into the diaper bag and pulling things out

Walking from couch to chair and back again is her favorite thing to do these days. Her toys have taken the back burner!

She says: "Look Mom, I'm doing it!"

Dressing up once again..this time she found a Lei in my party tote.

Zoee trying her first orange


Baby, It's cold outside!!

Man, it's been a very busy time for us these past few weeks. Zoee has grown up so much..already walking. That's all she seems to want to do..that and get into EVERYTHING!!!
Please pray for our family...we are looking for someone to watch Zoee while I go back to work. I called all the daycares in town and no one is accepting kids her age and I'm on waiting lists a mile long (we're talking lists that don't even start until the Fall). We do have a few people in mind and will be interviewing in a few weeks. It's VERY scary to me having someone we don't know watch her...but we're praying and praying that we find someone that will love and treat her like we do. Other than that, I've been planning her 1st birthday (yes, I believe I've gone overboard as usual) but it will be a lot of fun..even though she probably won't remember it. She can look back at all the wonderful pictures we will be taking. It's awesome cause Mike is off every weekend this month...and he's taking a week long vacation at the end of next week. I don't know what we're going to do yet. He wanted to get out of town..but we're heading to Lubbock this I don't know what we'll end up doing that week. We're getting Zoee's YEAR pictures taken this weekend...that should be a lot of fun!
Zoee is saying a lot of words now that include: "No", "Yeah", "Bye Bye", "Mamma", "Daddy", she whispers "Kitty". It amazes me that she comprehends things I ask her to "pick up your sippy cup or bottle" and she will go over and do it. She loves to dance and sings along in the car to her CD that we listen to all the time. She has definitely learned how to squeal and scream and especially likes to do it in restaurants. Mike says she's just like me...has to stare at everybody when we are out in public..ha ha. She's usually smiling from ear to ear when people walk by..and they all have to stop and say "Hi" and give me props for having such a beautiful sweet lil' girl. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when this happens. She loves to wave "Goodbye" but usually puts her hand up and waves to herself instead of the person she's actually waving to. It's really cute! She also does this sound where she puts her hand over her mouth like she's doing an Indian chant...this usually happens whenever she's trying to blow a kiss. She hates being in her carseat long distances..and usually cries when I go to put her in..probably cause she wants to be up moving around. We're trying all kinds of new foods...and she's cutting teeth again cause this week she has a snotty nose and is not eating too well...this is my sign telling me to get ready..cause they are a comin' and about to break through. I wonder if it will be her 1-year molars?? Guess only time will tell!
OH MY GOSH!! I almost forgot...also another "BIG" thing going on this weekend...Mike and I have our anniversary. We will be married for 6 years on February 21st. I can't believe we've been together for 8 years. WOW--Time flies when you are still in love and having fun!

Who Dat?? Superbowl 2010

Yummy Cake balls that Courtney made for her Superbowl party

We went to Courtney and Alexis's house for a fun Superbowl gathering and watched the New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. It was a great feeling seeing Drew Brees and his family standing up at the podium together with such joy and happiness on their faces. Oprah had Drew as one of her guests on the show last week and I just love him and his family. Drew said that even though his son is only 18 months old he looked at him and said something along the lines of being proud of him and so glad that he got to share in that moment in history. This is New Orleans first Superbowl win..and also another first--Dree Brees is actually from Texas. No other quarterback originally from Texas in history has ever won a Superbowl. Two great honors!! After all the uphevel from Hurricane Katrina, I'm so glad that New Orleans has something to be proud of now they have won the Championship!

Zoee's rooting on the Saints with her Daddy dressed in their Mardi Gras attire

Hopefully she won't grow up and get beads like this the "real" way at Mardi Gras --if you get what I'm saying..LOL

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My precious lil' nephew, Ethan

Tyler sent me a picture of Ethan yesterday and I just had to post's adorable!
He's almost three months old...I can't believe how fast it's all going. Look how happy he is!

Walking Tall and Messiness of it All!

She had quite a time tackling blueberries and pears.

It's fun to get real messy every once in a while!

After the mess...she tried out her new tub chair..she loves it!
And her new toys, too..she realized that they stick to the bathroom walls and herself..ha ha!

Who doesn't love a good ol' Girl Scout cookie or the box???

She's walking!!!

She likes to walk from couch to chair and back again..and then she will walk out into the middle of the floor and just stand there.

Monday, February 8, 2010

11 Months Old and 1 to Go!

Zoee is 11 months old!! I still can't believe she is growing up so fast...and I already have most of her 1st birthday organized and ready to go! We've got her some great gifts and the decorations are going to be too cute! We're doing a "Zoe" theme from Sesame Street..cause she loves Sesame Street.

It seems like Zoee has grown up so much in the past few weeks. She now holds her own bottle, loves to drink out of her sippy cup, eating "big people food", and the newest venture is walking from couch to couch, person to person. The most steps she has taken on her own is about 8-9..but she just loves to do it and gets up and tries it again and again. I took her play yard down and it's been down for about 3 days now and she loves going from couch to couch. She has also learned how to torment "Kitty". She loves to chase after her. I also now know why I had the play yard put up in the living room for so's because if there is just one little speck on the rug, she will seek it out and put it straight into her mouth. She doesn't care what it is...she's sticks it right in there.

Frilly Fun!

My parents and Jillery came over the other night and Jillery was changing Ethan into his P.J.'s and realized that the ones she had packed were just WAY too small on him. He's growing up so fast and she asked if she could borrow some of Zoee's. Well, since I had already given her the P.J.'s that Zoee wore that were a little on the unisex side a long time ago for Ethan to wear...I didn't have any of those I dug out Zoee's old clothes and all I could come across were ones that were really girly. So Jillery put this set on and I think he was a little upset that he had to wear girl clothes..LOL Not really..cause he's too young to know the difference..but we were thinking she could bust these pictures out whenever he gets his first girlfriend when he's older..HA HA!!

Zoee seems to really love her cousin. She especially loves trying to steal his pacifier..even though she doesn't suck on one unless he's around..LOL

Ahh..the trouble and times these two are going to have growing up..we can already picture it!

She's doing it! We've finally found a sippy cup that Zoee likes. Believe me, it's not because of my lack of trying. I think Mike and I have purchased every sippy cup known to man since Zoee was about 7 months old, trying to find one that she would actually like. But who would of thought she would like one of the cheapest made?? HA HA! I bought a set up three of these cups she is holding for $4.99..which I was used to paying more than that for just one. I am just glad she liked it and holds it up on her own like a big girl!

First pic of Zoee being a "DIVA". She loves to dress up and prance around. I feel as if I'm going to be picking up a bunch of clothes up off of the floor in Zoee's near future...cause I think she will be tearing them out of drawers before we know it!

She had the glitter from the tutu on her face and in her hair for several days..even after baths.

Took this pic to remind me and Grammy to "STOP THE INSANITY" of buying toys. She really got most of these toys for X-Mas from her Grammy. Look at her play's ridiculously full of things for her play and chew on. I put them all up and she tears them all out.

Look at Zoee eating "Big People Food" as I like to call it. We've been trying so many new things. She really loves her veggies, which I'm so happy about. Right now she is enamored by this yogurt that you can buy off the shelf in the baby food aisle. She loves the strawberry kind and apparently every other kid does too, because it's almost always gone or one or two left on the shelf. She's only got one more month of formula..and I'm totally weaning her off at a year. I hope that milk sets with her stomach. I've heard good and bad things about what it does to their lil' bodies while weaning. And I think she will be totally off the bottle by the time she is one, too. She only likes to drink her formula out of hopefully we can go totally to the sippy cup that she loves so much soon.