Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fun @ Dinnertime

Zoee is trying to hold her own spoon. She just insists that she holds it to feed herself now.

If she was blue, she'd looks like a Smurf to me with that silly toboggin Dad put on her head.

This is the face she gives you if you try to take the spoon away..ha ha!

UPDATE: Zoee is now 9 months old, almost 10. I weighed her the other day and she weighed 18 lbs. by my scale at home. She doesn't go to the doctor until the end of January for her well visit and we'll definitely know exact measurements then. She will have to get a TB test done (POOR BABY). They sure do a lot of prodding and poking the first year of a baby's life. Glad they don't remember it. When I called the doctor she said I could start Zoee on any kind of table foods (aside from the ones that are harmful to babies) and told me I could start her on regular whole milk if I wanted. I think I'm going to wait until she's closer to a year old before giving her regular milk because the formula has such good stuff in it for her.
The table foods she has tried so far are:
eggs (which Grammie fed her and she choked..she must not like the texture)
guacamole (she loves)
refried beans
mashed potatoes (doesn't like them yet)
dressing (from our turkey dinner the other day..she LOVED it)
chocolate pie filling
whipped cream
and we're trying new things daily aside from her baby food
She loves to eat her snackies every day..which consists of Gerber cookies, Little Puffs (which corn and cheddar flavor is her favorite), Yogurt Bites (she loves all flavors) Apple Pinwheels, and Carrot Pinwheels. And she LOVES apple juice, just like her sister Sebrena!

Zoee's First Christmas

She's trying to get a sneak peak into her stocking

Grumps and Grammie didn't go overboard, did they?? LOL

She looked like a lil' elf with Ethan's hat on.

After opening her presents she wanted to play in all the wrapping and boxes.

Oh my gosh! Look at those adorable cheeks! She was pooped out from all the excitement

Grumps was holding Ethan a lot

Zoee is playing with a reindeer from Hallmark that I played with when I was a little girl.

Grumps bought a walker and she's on the G-O!

Zoee was trying to be sneaky and grab the ornaments off of the tree

Mom started a new tradition in our family. Every year she is going to buy her grandchildren a Hallmark ornament that represents that year, and then when they are old enough she will give them all of their ornaments from past years.

Holiday Get Together

Sebrena wanted me to trim her hair and give her bangs...I told her that bangs were a HUGE committment and she still wanted them..and they looked really good on her.

Alfred was holding Zoee and making her laugh before she went to bed.

Sisterly Love

We got together with Alfred and Courtney and cooked fajitas, played cards, and rolled some good ol' dice for a Sunday afternoon of fun before Christmas.

Holiday on Ice and Messing Around at the Mall

Mike and his two girls

Zoee...we thought we were going to get to see Santa..but he was already gone! BUMMER

Sebrena...can't believe she is already 15

Giving my Zoee bug smoochies while she's chewing on a straw..she loves it!

We went to see a performance at the Music City Mall called Holiday on Ice. It's where the locals together with National champions, State Champions, and people that had performed in Icecapade shows come together for a performance for Christmas. It's really neat that we have an ice rink at our lil' ol' mall here in Odessa and the performance was really good. We also did our last minute shopping before Christmas and took some pics in front of their awesome decorations.

Zoee meet Ethan!

This is the first time that Zoee got to see and meet lil' Ethan.

It was so cute...she just wanted to examine him. Couldn't figure him out!

Oh, and she had to touch him.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Proud Mama, Five Teeth, & Snotty News!

Okay everyone....BIG NEWS: Tonight Mike and I were in Zoee's room as usual (playtime before bed) and having a good ol' time when Zoee decides she wanted to be daring and stand up (like she always does) and then let go and hold that pose for a few seconds. Yes, all on her own...I was a very proud Mama! She did this several times throughout our playtime. I predict she will be trying to take her first steps pretty soon..she gets braver and braver each day. And boy, you should see the excitement on her face..like she's saying: "Look Mom, no hands!" Ha ha!
She would giggle a little everytime she would let go..and then fall back on her lil' bum. I tried to get pictures..but it happens so fast...one of these days I"ll catch it.

In other news: Yesterday was a horrendous day for us. Zoee pretty much cried off and on all day..and now, yes. I know why. I looked in her mouth this morning and to my surprise..there were two more top teeth that have pushed their way through. Yes, folks..if anybody is counting that makes FIVE teeth in all, now. It's craziness!! My 9-month-old has five teeth. She's going to have a whole mouth full before she hits her first year. LOL Every time Zoee gets a tooth she gets a little cold. I guess this is God's way of telling me that it's a coming. My poor baby was so miserable yesterday..today was a little better..her teeth didn't seem to be bothering her as much...but she still has that nasty snotty nose. And she DOES NOT like for you to suck out her boogies with the bulb nor wipe her nose. Heavens to Betsy..she squeals like a pig when I even come close to her nose. So it's been all about the snot the past two days. It's only Tuesday and we've already had a long week. I hope it gets better as the days pass...and hopefully she'll get over this cold soon. I have the snotty nose, too..so that doesn't help any. Just wanted to let you know what's been going on around here. This is Amanda ..Signing OFF!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Zoee is 9 months old

My baby girl is 9 months old today!

She loved having the monkey trail along with her.

OH what fun! We got her Dora mobile out tonight to see if she could sit on it and ride around.
She LOVED it!

Trying to figure everything out.
She's hanging out with Daddy in her lil' houseshoes..aren't they so cute??

Man is the time flying right on by. I got a little emotional tonight while watching Zoee play. I was thinking back on the past 9 months of our lives together. It has been the most rewarding and awesome experience of my life having my lil' bundle of joy. Where the heck has the time gone??? After seeing Ethan for the first time the other day...I told my Mom, "I don't remember Zoee being this little." She said, "Well, she was." I was looking back at the pictures of when she was first born..and that's when I had a little tear...all that rush of emotion and joy! I still can't believe that Mike and I were finally blessed with such a precious lil' being. This is what I try to think about when we're having those "off" days that mom's often have...you know the ones..where he/she is teething and nothing makes them happy. I try to remember the good moments and praise God for giving me Zoee no matter how good/bad our day goes. I have loved watching her grow and so thankful that Mike has afforded me the opportunity to stay home with her and not miss out on anything. She's been a lot of places and has already learned a ton of things in her 9 months of life...sitting up by herself, crawling, getting her first 3 teeth in (almost 4), standing up on her own, saying her first words, just to name a few...

I can't wait to see her in the next coming months grow even more and more..I know that her 1st birthday will be here before we know it. We are getting really excited and counting down the days til' Christmas so we can see her tear open those gifts.

Thank you God and Mike for giving me the opportunity to be a MOMMY!

I can't wait to see what the future entails and can't wait for her to grow up with her new lil' cousin, Ethan. I'm sure they are going to get into lots of trouble together..LOL

Lil' Ethan Wayne Roberts

A very proud and happy Grammie

Ahh..so precious!

Cuddling with mommy

Look at his long toes!

I was so happy and excited to see him.

Look how tiny he is!

Tyler's momma...his Gramma

Bonding time with Mommy

Lil' Ethan Wayne Roberts (my cute lil' nephew) was born on Friday, December 4, 2009. He weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz and was 18.5 inches long.

He is so tiny and so sweet.

Jillery had him at 10:05 in the morning on Friday by C-Section.

Everything went wonderfully and both her and Ethan are happy and healthy.