Wednesday, June 30, 2010

15-Month Well Visit

I really looked at this picture over and over and wondered how the heck her little leg could do that and not hurt. But it's because her bone is twisted. Looks so distorted and awful in this picture. Poor Baby! But her hair sure does look cute. It's now long enough to get it up in lil' pigtails. She was watching Pixar Shorts...she loves them..and just giggles while I was getting ready to take her to the doctor today.

At her 15-month doctor's appointment. Dr. Ranga said she's extremely tall for age. Measuring in the 98th percentile..and her weight has gone up..which is good to 45th percentile. She weighs 22.5 lbs. and is 32 1/4 inches tall. Tall and slender.
She wasn't able to get her shots today because she was running a low-grade fever and had a runny nose. I think it's because of her teeth trying to come through, but the doctor said to wait and make sure it was that for sure and not her getting sick. The 9th tooth has broken through a little bit to where I can see it..but the rest of her gums are extremely swollen. I hope they come through all at once so she can get it over with and doesn't have to be in pain anymore. So we'll have to go back for her shots. NO FUN! The doctor said she can start drinking 2 % milk now instead of whole.

Zoee was pushing her stroller around in the doctor's office.

This picture kind of makes me sad..because when I look at it..I don't see a little baby, which I know she's not anymore..but I see a "BIG GIRL". I want her to stay little. I love when she reaches out for me and says: "Momma". She'll give me a big hug and kiss.
The doctor said she's really healthy besides the cold business going on and the whole leg/hip problem. We have been so blessed and fortunate to have her in our life. I love her so much!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Curving" my Appetite

Well, the time has finally come where I have made up my mind that I am going to do it. The "it" is to become healthy. Healthy for me, healthy so I can watch my daughter grow up, and healthy so I can grow old with my great husband.

Out of the blue, on June 16th..I went to hear what the lady at Curves had to say..I worked out the following day..and then on June 18th (mental side note for me to know when I began..ha ha) I joined Curves. Now for those of you who really know me, know that I actually really love to work out. In fact, I get kind of obessive about it..the more and more I go. Don't ask me why it's this just is. But being 200 lbs..yes, I said it..200 lbs. overweight, getting a good workout in is extra daunting right now. But I have been working out for 4 days out of the week..and I'm about to bump that up an extra day once my Zumba videos come in. I have been eating healthy..less portions..and I already see a difference in my clothes..only after 12 days. Its amazing how much better I feel and how much more energy I have. I am now "eating to live" not 'living to eat"! It helps so much because I have an accountability partner(s) at home (Mike), at work (Felipa and Latoya), and my Curve family. I call them family now because I see them 4 days a week..and get to know more and more about them each time. It really really helps to have that accountability and support team behind you. It's been rough..getting started is the hardest part for me. I am now eating 5-6 times a day (actually feels like I'm feeding my face all day long) but it's working. I will be showing my progression each month. My starting goal is to lose 25 lbs before July 18th. That is one month. I am positive I can do it. My long term goal right now is to loose 50 lbs. by the end of summer. Mind you ..I know if I don't reach these goals by the time allotted..I know that I will have lost a lot of inches! Please pray for me on my journey to better health. Because I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DO IT!

Sum of this...Sum of that..this Summer

We had a great Sunday this past weekend. We went to church and listened to Pastor Don and Paulette (his wife) preach their last sermon of our series on marriage. We really love our church and enjoy going. Jillery, Tyler, and Ethan met us there...and they came on a really great Sunday. Ethan did really great in the church nursery and when I went to pick up Zoee after church from her 1-year-old class..they had to fish her out from under the playset in the room they stay in. She was trying to crawl underneath the little was quite funny. After church we went back to our house and I cooked a late lunch for us. I told Dad I would cook for him for his Father's Day, since he was just out of the hospital the day after Father's Day and we didn't get to celebrate. Plus, Jillery's birthday was this week and I was cooking for her, too. The kiddos played for a while and then we set off to do family portraits..which was a long process..but fun. (I will post the portrait pics soon) We ended our evening with dinner at my Dad's favorite (Golden Corral). Temptation was hard at Golden Corral..but I did it. Only had half of one of their buttery, scrumptious rolls and a bite of brownie. The rest of what I ate was on my meal plan. (The next post will talk about that) All in was a long but very pleasant Sunday spent with great family. I wish we would all get together more often. Maybe we can do that Mom and Jillery are out of the summer.

Having fun with Ethan...Aren't his rolls adorable?

Ethan and Grammy hanging out

Zoee was watching Happy Feet, while Ethan and Grammy giggle
Our brown-eyed beauty...I see Mike holding a shotgun in Zoee's dating future..ha ha!
She's such a character...she definitely gets her charm from her Daddy.

A very hard-working Daddy..We love you! I love to be able to look over while Zoee is playing in front of us and see Mike grin from ear to ear. It warms my heart to see that he gets just as much enjoyment out of watching Zoee grow I do. We are so proud of her.
How cute..they are matching!

Zoee is growing up way too fast..Look how grown she looks just resting on the couch

And then roams around and gets into things she is not suppose to. She is big into having to touch everything right now. If she can at least touch it once..she's fine.

She looks a lot like me when I was her age with her Daddy's eyes

She wanted to know what Mike was about to snack on

And then realized it was Cheerios and snagged a bite. I have been teaching her not to be greedy and just take a few at a time..not the whole bowl...but as you can see she has grabbed a whole handful.

This is Zoee's "special shoe". You can't even tell that it's special really from this angle. It has a wedge on the bottom side of the inside of her soles and an arch on the inside. I hope it works quickly..cause her poor lil' feet turn in so bad. But on the bright side: I did pick out a cute tennis shoe that she loves to wear.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Fun in the Sun

Look how much hair Zoee is getting

Eating dinner..using her spoon

Guess she wanted to guzzle up her corn..ha ha

Hanging out with Daddy at Fuddruckers

Swimming over at Amanda & Bidal's house in her new floatie..Isn't it cute?

She loves the water..she's a fish like her mamasita

Having fun with Kaylie and Hydie

Look how big her bootie is that her diaper is full of water..TOO FUNNY!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We get together every 2nd Tuesday of the month to play Bunco. I've always wanted to start up a Bunco group and asked for Courtney to help me head it up..This is our first meeting and we had a lot of fun. I really like it because I don't know 7 of them at it gives everybody a chance to get out of their comfort zone and meet new people. We are always having subs..usually at least one a someone new is almost always introduced. I love making lasting friendships and getting away from it all at least once a month with my girlfriends.

Courtney and Brittany

The BIG, Amber took it all home!

Christopher, Riley, and Alexis

Alexis, Summer, Jennifer, and Riley

Christa, Erica, Christopher, and Brittany

I rolled a Bunco!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newest pics

My new room at the salon. It's a lot bigger and business has been slower but I'm still doing good.

Mike and I at a wedding reception last night.

15 Months Old

15 months old

She needs a lil' milk while checking her emails on her laptop..LOL

Grammy gave her a new purse that holds her new puppy. She loves it!

Mike is telling her that he wanted a sip and that she didn't need to drink from a bottle anymore that she is a big girl now.

Our living room looks like a daycare..ha ha!

She loves to flip her chair over..stand on it and picks it back up again.

Mike was telling her not to mess with something on the table..and she was pretending not to listen...LOL

She loves her new puppy...and was talking to it the other day.

It's going by faster and faster..but Zoee is 15 months old today. She is one amazing lil' girl. She is exceeding on milestones for her age, talking a lot now, and running around and getting into things like crazy. This month she has said a lot more words, too many to name here. She loves to mock anybody in the room. Her favorite thing to do (as far as mocking is concerned) is anytime she hears a telephone or sees someone talking on the phone..she puts whatever she has in her hand and if nothing..puts her own hand up to ear and says, "Hello" and proceeds to carry on a conversation. It's too funny! She is starting to sit on her potty now (beginning the potty training journey). She doesn't quite understand it all yet...but she likes to sit on it...pretend she's doing her business and then stands up and flushes it. She loves taking a bath still and is going to bed between 9-10 pm and gets up around 8:30 am. She still takes 2 naps a day..usually one late morning and one in the afternoon. She loves playing with her toys. She has been getting up on her Bounce and Spin Zebra. She has a stroller for her babies, which she tries to crawl up into...ha ha. She loves her new table and chairs..and loves books, puzzles, and anything electronic. Mike took one of old cell phones that she likes to carry around.
She has grown a huge appetite this month. She eats really well. Still loves most all vegetables and fruits. She loves pasta and fries and of course her lil' Gerber snackies. She is learning to eat with a spoon/fork. So funny to watch her pick up corn and peas with her spoon. She's really really good at it for just beginning. She loves to drink juice and water out of her sippy cup but refuses to drink her milk out of it. This is all about to change because I'm about to do away with the bottle. I wanted to get rid of it at a year...but it never happened. So I think 15 months is a great time to do it. I think she will do great once she realizes they are gone for good. She still loves going to her babysitter's house and plays with her playmate Ethan there all day long. I think they are teaching each other. She loves her church friends (once she gets in the door). She had been throwing a fit sometimes when I leave her...but it's usually when she is teething..speaking of. She is cutting both the rest of her front teeth AND her gums where her molars are coming in are really swollen..poor baby! I will be so happy when they finally all come in and she is not in pain anymore. Zoee is excellent in the stores (grocery, Walmart, department, etc.) unless she is sleepy or hot. But for the most, she acts so good..she waves and smiles at people and is very friendly. She still loves to play outside and on her swingset. We are going to get her a lil' pool today so her and I can get in and splash around. She's going to love it..I know it. I promise to take more pics and post them soon. I've been kind of slacking. It's just so hard to snap a good pic because she's been so busy and active. But I love her so much and when she cries for me or wants me to pick her up..especially now that I don't see her as much as I used to because I'm makes me feel so good inside that I have this lil' precious girl who knows "I" am her mommy and that loving her unconditionally comes so naturally to me is just the most awesome feeling in the world. I had hesitations once long before I had her that I would be a great mom..and now I know I'm a great mom because I see how happy she is and I see how loving and protective Mike is to her and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Each day gets more and more exciting...watching her grow and learn. It amazes me how young minds are like a huge sponge..absorbing everything around them. I thank God every day that Mike and I have been so blessed with such a sweet beautiful healthy girl along with great family and friends.

Orthopedic Doc and Zoee's "Special Shoes"

Getting ready to head out the door to go see the doctor..isn't she adorable with her flower in her hair, which by the way is getting longer...finally! It's so hard to snap a great picture of her at this age..she's constantly moving around.

She says, "UH OH!" She had pulled the diaper bag onto the floor.

Waiting for Dr. Cochran to come in to see us.

See how her leg is bent...this is a NO NO..and I didn't even realize that she does it so much.

We went to see an orthopedic specialist on June 3rd because Zoee's feet are still turning in significantly. Dr. Cochran diagnosed her with what is called internal tibal torsion and metatarsus adductus. Laments terms: the bones from her ankles to knees on both sides are twisted inwards and also her hips are twisted inwards. He told us she would have to wear "special shoes" maybe until she is five years of age..depending on how fast her bones correct. He said they will never completely correct themselves...but he said he was glad we came to see him because if we didn't get some kind of treatment she would always "walk like John Wayne". She is not allowed to play on the floor anymore with her toys because she always sits with either one leg behind her or both..and this worsens the condition. So he suggested that we get a small table and chair set for her to sit at while playing. Of course, we had to get two (one for our house and one for the babysitter's house). It's going to be a challenge to get her to sit at a table seeing how she is so active..but whatever will help I'm all for working on it. Mom and I journeyed to Toys R Us and got two tables. The one at our house she absolutely loves, which I'm so thankful for. She loves sitting at it so far. I'm hoping it remains this way.
We also had to go and get her fitted for her "special shoes". They are a pair of New Balance tennis shoes. But, they are having to make a wedge that is glued onto the outside of shoe and she has to wear an arch on the inside that makes her foot stablized. Her tennis shoes are really cute. They are silver, black, and white and have a little pink on them. I will post a pic as soon as they finish making them. They are quite pricey...(especially because children's feet grow so quickly) but I think my insurance is going to help out a lot that's always a blessing.