Friday, October 31, 2008

Down with the Sickness..Literally!

Well, last week started off good..other than being really nervous about taking my State Board practical to be a Cosmetologist..I was feeling pretty good. Took my test on Oct. 29th..and aced it! So yes, I'm now a Licensed Cosmetologist. I'm really excited about it..but didn't have much time to celebrate because that very next night started barfing my guts up and couldn't Mike decided to take me in to the ER since it was a weekend. We were afraid I would get too dehydrated and something would go wrong with the baby in the belly (which I'm sure the baby was thinking..what the heck are you doing out there??) I spent a total of 6 hours at the ER in which, of course, I got a rookie nurse who put my IV in wrong. I was filled with a bag of fluid...took a ton of blood for testing..and then sent me home with anti-nausea medication. As though my body hadn't been through enough..that same evening... my left arm started to hurt really bad..and I had a numbness in it that I've never felt before. I kind of figured my blood pressure had shot we rushed back up to the ER (thinking..LORD..what are we in store for, since it is officially Halloween night in the ER) We made it in and like I blood pressure was extremely high at 194/122. They rushed me in ..put all these probes on me..checked the baby..and put another IV in my arm ( I was a little leary about it..because of the outcome of the night before's nurse). The doctor said I must of had a bad reaction to the anti-nausea medication which it can cause tremors. So I was sent home again after having more tests run. Mike and I were sooo exhausted. All we've done the rest of the weekend is sleep and I've tried to choke down crackers and soup (there is only so many crackers and soup that you can eat before it becomes old). My stomach seems to be doing body doesn't ache as much from the horrible convulsing I was doing during my Exorcist barfing the night before. Thanks to those who called and checked up on my and who prayed for me to get better. I'm getting there slowly! Of course, I still have the drainage that I've had over a month now..but it has gotten better where I can at least breathe out of my nose now. WHEW! But here's hoping that I will have a better November than October. And I'm wanting to get back to work before I get too big to I'm hoping that everything will go okay from now on and through labor. Hope you are having a better week than I have had...

Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Heartfelt Moment

Today was a wonderful day because Mike turned 38 and he also got to feel our baby move for the first time.
What an exciting day for this to happen! Ever since I've been able to feel the baby move, which is called quickening (lil' butterflies) we've spent every night laying in bed...spending time with our lil' one in the womb. We want our baby to become familiar with our voices..Mike often plays and talks with it (I say it..cause we still don't know if it's a boy or girl yet). It's so cute and just warms my heart seeing how Mike is enjoying bonding with our baby, just as much as I am. We are going to be trying music next! We're going to play music that is soothing and relaxing to us and see how the baby responds since the movements are getting stronger.
Baby Arguello is enjoing laying on my left side for some reason. It can be uncomfortable at times...but hopefully as he/she grows the weight of the baby will shift to both sides. It's almost like it is hiding..ha ha!
Only 14 more days until we find out what we're having..we hope our lil' one will be cooperative! HA HA! We are soo excited and can't wait!
I've also come to realize that I guess I haven't officially been sick, but that I have all this drainage and congestion because of the pregnancy. It's really uncomfortable..kind of feels like you have a constant cold. This is going on my 2nd week..and NOTHING is working. I've tried medicine (Dr. Approved) and saline nose douches (which are very interesting) you name it..I've done it (as long as it's been safe for if ANYONE has any comments about this..or any suggestions on how to ease the congestion..please feel free to email me and let me know.
Until next time...Hope you are having a great day! BIG SMILE!