Friday, May 15, 2009

2 Months Old = Way 2 Busy

I love it when she sleeps so soundly...she is so precious.

My future looks so bright that I have to wear

Mike pretending he was giving her a list of groceries to write out...c'mon Mike..let's not get ahead of ourselves..I want her to still be my lil' baby

Sitting up in her bumbo all by herself for the first time. She was having a grand time.

Wow, does time fly! Zoee is now 2 months old and is already a spitfire! She is so full of personality (when she's awake) LOL
I cannot believe how much she has already grown and changed. She is now sitting up in her bumbo by herself (meaning she is not going to be a bobble head for very much longer) She is strong and loves to smile all the time.
She loves laying on her stomach and loves to be swaddled at night real tight by her daddy. She loves to talk (even though it's basically cooing and babbling right now) and can you believe she has started to teethe already. Yeah, no sign of teeth just yet...but she is a drool bug and a half and when she's in out..she's a screamer.
She does great out in public, loves the outdoors...still has her days and nights mixed up..even though this week (our 8th week) she surprisingly has slept through the night the past few days which is totally awesome..maybe we can establish some sort of a routine now.
I just love her so much...we have a lot of fun together. She likes to laugh at me..and we sing and dance around and are already playing patty cake and I recite her ABC's to her every day and a little of the Spanish that I know. (which is not much)..HA HA! Sometimes I feel like Dora the Explorer..cause I will say things in English and in Spanish. She loves me to read to her and absolutely loves bathtime (as long as she's in the water).
I cannot wait to see what the next few months holds for us as she's going to go by so fast..I just know it..cause these past 2 months have flown by. Mike and I have so much fun watching her grow and he's such an awesome daddy. I knew he would be.
So here's to her future looking bright and peace and happiness to you all!