Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ethan's 1st Birthday

This is Ethan. He is Zoee's buddy that goes to Mollie's (our babysitter) with her. He turned 1 year old today and Mollie and Brandon took her to the party. They went to McKenzie park and played in the water and had fun!

Party Hardy!

They are so cute. Funny that he's almost 7 months younger and he outweighs her. She is a little bit taller though..and he just started walking. Mollie has her hands full with these two..LOL
I love this picture...she is so adorable.

She was clearly having a ball playing in the water and Mollie said she was quite the socialite!

Mollie is awesome..we are so blessed to have her in our lives.

This is Brandon (Mollie's hubby). There is no telling why Zoee is making this face. HA HA!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spaghetti Face, Sleeping Beauty, and the Dreaded Tooth

This tends to be my life saying at the moment..I'm cherishing every bit of it!

This is Zoee's spaghetti face. She loves to slurp noodles and hopefully I can download the video of her slurping them so you can see how funny it is.
She loves to pose for the camera

I went in Zoee's room last night to check on her and this is what I found.
Her laying on TOP of the blanket and also laying the wrong direction in her bed with her feet hanging out of the crib. She's a Sleeping those cheeks!
She finally got in her 9th, was it a doozy to cut!
But it's finally here..and you can see it in this pic on the right.
Pretty soon she's going to have a whole mouth full and then comes the awkward stage of all of them falling out.

She's so darn her so much!
Her personality totally shows through in this picture.

And she acts so grown already. Here she is taking her shorts to her room after I asked her to do it. It amazes me how much she already understands at 16 months of age.

Zoee's First Rockhounds Game

Mike's work has an annual family picnic at the Rockhounds baseball game. We decided to take Zoee to her first game and she had a lot of fun and really enjoyed being out and about.

She met Rocky the Rockhound (pictured below) and I'm not quite sure what was going through her mind at the time..but I love this everybody says: PRICELESS!

Here she is hanging out with Daddy and the lil' boy in the background is one of Mike's co-worker's sons. He kept following her around and trying to hold her lil' cute now..but not so cute later..ha ha!

She also got to meet "Juice the Moose". Givin' him the sacred handshake..LOL

Rocky was getting people revved up!

Hanging out with the Robertsons

We hung out with my bestie, Mindy, and her family (my 2nd family) this past weekend. We had such a great time catching up. Torbyn, Beau, Luke, and Savannah all adore Zoee and they had a great time dancing and playing together.

Zoee is watching Luke to see if she can pick up on some of his dance moves.

And she caught on pretty quick. She loves to dance!

Is she going to be a singer like me?? Only time will tell!

I love-love-love her crazy hair. She was pooped after dancing. Had to take a break and grab a swig of milk.

She was excited getting to play with the electronics..LOL

Monday, July 19, 2010


It's so crazy how much she looks like me now...I still see a lot of Mike in her..but her smile is just like mine.

Old Photos---Found!

I was looking at Mom's cell phone the other day and came across the old photos of Zoee that I haven't seen before. I thought I would share so we all could reminisce from the past year.

Our precious baby...this is the only way Zoee would sleep when she was this little..all swaddled up. For months and months and months.

Our cutie pie used to love to go out places and we would show her off.

I love this sweet!

So serious about her Bubble blowin' ." It was her hobby at the time...She looks just like adorable!

Christmas time.. Time to hide the ornaments.

16 Months Old and Oh so much fun!

Zoee has been 16 months for two weeks now and she has been quite the lil' "DIVA".
She is starting to use the word "No" quite often and even gives dirty looks now..ha ha! She has more attitude (good and bad), more testy, but yet she can make you laugh when you scold her by the expressions that she makes. She's very clever and persuasive already and she is quite the dare devil. She loves to stand up on everything and tests her limits daily. She is wanting to help out around the house. She likes to grab the broom and sweep and plays with the vaccum a lot. She is saying a ton more words and sounds out animal sounds. We have started potty training her because I've noticed her squatting when she is about to do a No. 2. in her diaper anywhere she's at. So we have put her on the potty quite a few times and she's gone twice in the potty. It's so funny cause I have a "Pee Pee in the Potty Dance" that we do..and she gets a little special treat. She also is in Pull-ups now for the beginning process while she learns to pull up and down her pants..and then we will move on to "BIG GIRL" panties..ha ha! She loves loves loves to play in the water, whether it be in the tub or in her pool. Loves to be outdoors long as it's not too hot outside. We are going to take her to the duck pond pretty soon (pics to follow). She is still average for her age..getting a little bigger..but not much. The doctor says she is really tall though that's what makes her look so skinny. She does eat quite a bit....when she wants to eat..she really really eats. She still loves her veggies and fruits. Her favorite right now is the gummy fruit snacks. We are really enjoying these days because we are having a lot of fun.

Hanging out with Grammy at Golden Corral.
Reading with Grumps...He loves to pester her...and I guess since we have seen a lot more of them this summer she is getting really close to him and Grammy.
We were at the orthopedic place waiting to get in and she is just itching to get into something. When you see this face's a comin'!
Finally no more bottle at night. We are finally rid of bottles as of July 10th.

I just love that I can put her hair into pigtails.

This is her "I'm not too enthused, Mom!" look..HA HA!!

She was showing Ethan how to bounce in the bouncer..showing him the toys on it that she used to play with. Boy, are they going to be a handful together when he gets really mobile..LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Lovin' Is Happening So Fast!

Summer is just breezing right by us. It will be Christmas again before we know it. The days have been hot here and we have been taking full advantage of it.

Strapping Zoee in for Swing time

We finally got a swimming pool..I've been wanting one for forever now. Mike Sr. is helping set it up..and introduced Zoee to the water.
She loves it!

More Swing almost can't get her out of this thing without her throwing a fit to get back in.

Getting ready for you can see our house is a wreck at the end of the day....She's settling in with a good book.

4th of July 2010