Monday, June 29, 2009

YUMM-O..Runny Rice Cereal

I have started Zoee on rice cereal and she doesn't seem to like it too much. Probably cause it takes like poo. I tried it and it's NOT good. She still chokes it down though...maybe she will like it more when I put some juice in it..who knows??

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Months has come and gone...

Basking in the sun at Grammy and PawPaw's

At the twin's birthday party

Grammy bought her a bouncy..and she had fun figuring it out.

Grammy's giving her moochies..and she's trying to give them back.

First of all..I cannot believe I'm a mom and second, I cannot believe I'm a mom of almost a 4-month old lil' girl. She is getting so big..and she couldn't be anymore lovable and adorable. She's learned to roll over ..she's extremely strong (legs and arms)..she babbles and laughs..heard her laugh out loud yesterday for the first time and she's giggled two different nights in her sleep. She must be having funny dreams. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I get to see how much she weighs and how long she is. She's drinking 4-5 ounces of formula in one setting and she still sleeps wonderfully through the night...I'm so excited about that. I've started her out on cereal once a day..but she's only eating a few bites right now. Getting her used to it. She loves the thought of eating..but doesn't like the rice cereal too much. It's so exciting to see her grow up..but I wish she would slow down just a little bit. It's going by way too fast. Before I know it, she's going to be crawling and then walking everywhere and talking back to I can't believe there's a lil' Amanda and Mikey around..cause she looks like the both of us. It's crazy cause she already has shown her temper..she throws lil' fits. Both sets of grandparents are spoiling her so much. But...of course, babies cannot be spoiled..she gets so many kisses and hugs ..and her favorite is eskimo kisses. Mike and I are really so fortunate to have such a smart, beautiful lil' girl and couldn't be more blessed!

I was also very excited to hear that Jillery and Tyler are going to have a lil' boy. I'm so glad she gets to experience everything that I previous went through and the loving moments of becoming and being a mom. It's extremely challenging..but very rewarding. So I'm excited for them!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Favorite Pictures

Zoee's helping Courtney play her hand at Phase 10 on Game Night

I think she gets her funny character from her daddy

Riding Dirty..Literally...I later realized she had a poopy diaper

I just love how much personality Zoee has. She's so full of spunk and sass. Here's some photos of how much fun we have during our days together.