Saturday, September 26, 2009

Coming close to 7 months...

With Grammie rooting on the Crane Golden Cranes at Homecoming
"Don't take a pic of me while I'm in a towel, Mom!"

She loves her bathtime

This is what she spends the majority of her day doing...chewing on EVERYTHING!

Seeing is Believing...

Seeing is definitely here are some pics of Zoee standing up by herself and she gets faster and faster at it every time. She's wanting to stand up all over the place. She's a moving and grooving already..I can't believe it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raiderette Fashion

Zoee's Oakland Raiderette outfit
(the pompom looking thing on the shoulder is actually a hairbow)
In honor of Mike's birthday in a few weeks, I'm throwing him a little get together. It's going to be football themed (his favorite team is the Oakland Raiders). I made Zoee a lil' tutu last night so she can wear on that day of the party..along with a lil' onesie that has "Lil' Raiderette" on's too cute. I'll post a pic of it. I'm also in the works of a tutu for her to wear this weekend to the Crane homecoming game with a cute lil' Crane shirt to wear with it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For the past week and half, Zoee's been getting up on her knees in her crib...trying to lift herself I thought to myself..well, I guess it's time to lower the crib mattress down. But, of course, my procrastinating self these days (especially more since I've had Zoee) has not lowered the crib. I guess I was thinking that it will be at least a while before she figures out how to completely stand up on her own. WRONG!!!

As I was laying Zoee down to sleep tonight in her crib...I turned around to get her a blanket. As soon as I turned back around, she grabbed on to the front of the crib..and lifted herself to her feet. I stood there in shock, as she looked up at me with the biggest grin ever and giggled. I could not believe my lil' six month old was already lifting herself up!! TOTAL SHOCK-A-ROO for me!!

I didn't know whether to be happy and excited for her...or to be scared to death. The first thing that came to this the first time this has happened? Or is this the first time I've seen it happen?? Needless to say, her crib is getting lowered ASAP.

I called Mom and told her what she did..and she couldn't believe it either. She's going to be walking before I know it..and I'm going to be on the move. I need her to slow down so I can enjoy her being a baby a little bit longer. Man, do they grow up fast...people use to tell me all the time to not blink because I would miss something. I'm so fortunate to be able to stay home with her so I don't miss these things. It's amazing seeing your lil' baby girl learn new skills. And she is so hilarious, she cracks me up because she is so expressive and has started talking baby talk. I love her so much and I love Mike for giving me such a wonderful lil' girl and I thank God every day for such the blessing he has given us both for Zoee to be healthy and happy!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love the Holidays!

I just love fall. I don't know if it's because of the changing of the weather, beautiful colors, or it's a sneak peak into a long array of holidays to come. This year the holidays are going to be so different for us. I can't wait for Zoee to enjoy her first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We also have a new addition that is going to be added to our family before Christmas and Mike, Zoee, and I can't wait for Ethan to be here.

We get our new furniture on the 29th..we've been waiting a while for it to be finished..and can't wait for it to arrive. Now, I just need a dining room table to be complete. We get rid of ours in our last move because we didn't have enough room for it.

I have Mike's birthday coming up, Mom's birthday, Halloween, Jillery's baby shower (which I'm in charge of), Dad's birthday, Thanksgiving, Ethan's arrival, Christmas, Tyler's birthday, and then New Years! Not to mention all the parties and events that go on in between there. WOW...didn't actually realize how busy I was going to be until I wrote it all out. I love it all though..the hustle and bustle of everything seasonal! Hobby Lobby just loves me! I have to go and get my many totes out of storage to be able to decorate..Mike gets real excited about it all..let me tell ya! HA HA! On top of that...I've got to finish up getting my house in order..there is probably a week's worth of work I have to do around here. Fun Fun! I'm so ready to rock it all out though...and I'm very excited!

Sweet Shananigans

We went out to eat tonight and brought along our nifty lil' portable booster seat.
It's awesome and Thanks Amy..Zoee loves it!
I'm ready to go, Mom!

Zoee is ready for the "Big Man" (Santa) to arrive...She can't wait until X-Mas!

My lil' Diva

Mike says this lil' outfit looks like something an old lady going to Bingo would wear..ha ha!

Yes, Folks..she's crawling and already trying to get into things.

"I'm ready for my close up"

Could there be any cuter pic?? She loves her jumparoo..she goes to town in this thing

She's realized she can actually reach the animals now

Getting some smoochies from her Daddy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fat Cat and Pretty Princess!

Ever since we got Posh spayed..she has turned into one fat cat.
Thought this pic was funny cause her head looks so small compared to the rest of her body.
I love it cause she doesn't shed...even though she has fluffy fur...who would of thought?

Muy Bonita! She's my gorgeous lil' princess!

She loves playing with her toys on the floor. And don't you just love the new "BabyLegs"
They are her new legwarmers (great for her knees while crawling)
They are my new favorite thing..and I was so excited when I found them at Target.
I thought I was going to have to order them online or pay an outlandish price at the specialty store.

This is her: "When are you going to feed me, Mom?" face

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dora's Surprise Party and my 6 Month Old

Mom, Dora, Carolyn, and Zoee having fun at Dora's Surprise Birthday party

Dora and Zoee

We wore our Mickey ears in honor of Dora's birthday party at Pizza Hut. Dora loves Mickey Mouse!

All pooped after a full day of it!

She loves watching football with her Daddy

Can dinnertime get any messier?? She loves eating her solids..and she we're now venturing out with 2nd foods..and she is loving them!

Grammy bought her this boxset and she has figured out how to put the right shapes into the slots...takes her a while..but she is figuring it out! Amazing!

Look how big Zoee is..6 months old..Can't believe it's going by so fast!

She is sitting up all by herself..what a great milestone in her life...she is tinkering with her toys

She loved being in her laundry basket for some odd reason

She's already climbing into things

Her Uncle Mac feeding her a bottle when he came to visit...she looks just like me when I was little in this picture..WOW

She's almost got it down..she's a scooter right now.

I don't know why she puts her face on the ground

Learning to crawl...she has mastered the Bear

She's trying to wake up her Daddy!

Friday, September 11, 2009

THE BIG 3-0!!!

We've moving!!! Glad to finally have a big enough space for all of our stuff..and us! HA HA!

And what a great birthday furniture!

Birthday festivities under way...Bidal and Mike are party animals!

Courtney, Alexis, and I spent a much needed afternoon of relaxation for my 30th.
Massages and pedicures were on our agenda.

Here's Meghann (salon owner)
Go check out Pure Day Spa in's wonderful!
Everyone needs a lil' TLC in their life.

I love April..she gives great pedi's...and she's a wonderful friend, too!

EKK..EKK..EKK..(psycho music) Thought this was a cool pic of Courtney

We all met up at Ajuua's in Odessa for some much needed Mexican food and fun.
Mike and Alfred enjoying some michiladas

Miranda and Joe

Alexis and Courtney

Tyler and Jillery just enjoyed some yummy Mexican food

Zach and Mindy

This cake has the biggest scandel behind it...Glad to know that Courtney's not on America's Most Wanted for a birthday cake. LOL I'm so thankful for wonderful friends!

Us girls having a great time!

My sister is always so thoughtful when giving gifts.

Sonia and I..looking fabulous!

My hunny bunny and I ...all decked out in red (his idea)

Turning 30 is a huge milestone in your life. I still cannot believe that my 20's just roared on past me and I'm heading over the hill quite rapidly. It seems like just yesterday I was 18 years old..moving away from home to start the next journey in my life. I was always the one to make the mistakes and learn from them that way. Always took the much harder beaten path..made stupid decisions.. Gung Ho about wanting to be SO grown! Little did I know, that being GROWN meant getting through school(s)(yes that's plural) and venturing out to find a wonderful husband and now having a baby with TONS of responsibility, bills, etc...etc..etc...

I had a lot of fun in my 20's --learning about myself..what I want out of life...learning what kind of friend, daughter, sister, wife, and mother I want to be! Someone told me that your 30's are the best years of your life..cause you kind of have things figured out. I'm ready to enjoy them with my beautiful family.