Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Second Trimester

I'm starting out the second trimester wonderfully. Your dad says I have "THE GLOW" that most pregnant women get. Your dad seems to be more affectionate, too. We cannot wait to find out what you are. I actually still have pretty clear skin. And no morning or evening sickness. Really don't have any unusual cravings. Just trying to eat healthier. I'm definitely more aware about what I stick in my mouth. 14 weeks--Sept. 17th--My first monthly checkup--We'll be doing this up until the very end when I go in and see Dr. Davis more frequently. Everything looked good..but he seemed to be worried about that old ugly birthmark I have on my left leg. It seems that woman that are pregnant are more susceptible to skin cancer than most people. He wants to keep an eye on it. 15 weeks--Sept. 23rd-- I felt you move...just fluttering of course..kind of like butterflies in my stomach. I feel you move the most while laying in bed at night when I'm rolled over on my right side and I have you kind of squished. You're probably squirming..saying..let me out of this cramped space! HA! Your dad likes to feel of my belly often ...he likes to see if he can feel you move around in there, too. Hopefully in a few more weeks he'll be able to do that. My belly is definitely getting bigger, even though you might not be able to tell that I'm pregnant..because I was overweight before we started growing you inside of me.Sept. 26th--Called the college to see about getting a free sonogram session to see what we're having. They scheduled it for Oct. 21st. WE CANNOT WAIT. The waiting game will finally be over and we can proceed with the nursery and getting the baby registry together. I'm getting bigger so it's time to go and buy some materity gear. This should be interesting! But, we have some names picked out already!BOYs: Gavyn Wayne Arguello or Noah Wayne Arguello GIRLs: Avarie Ambrielle Arguello or Zoee Ambrielle Arguello. I also have a lil' cold this week..no fun. I'm so worried about taking medicine while pregnant that I'm taking it easy on the meds...but I cannot seem to get rid of this stuffy nose. I really cannot believe how fast it is going. We're almost half way through the pregnancy and it seems like I just found out that you were in there.