Monday, August 1, 2011

Zoee's Doctor Visit

Zoee went to see the doctor last Monday and we found out she had an upper respiratory infection. She actually did really great at the doctor. The past few times (which she hasn't gone very often) has been a total train wreck. This time went smoothly as far as Zoee's attitude toward her pediatrician. In my mind, I'm a little iffy about my pediatrician now. She told me that Zoee is fat. She weighs 35 lbs. and is 38 1/4 inches tall. I was taken aback by her comment. I mean, Zoee is looking a little bit chunky (which she never has before until about 2 weeks ago) but by no means do I think she is fat. I think she is going through a growth spurt and that's why she is looking a little bit chunkier. She doesn't want her to lose any weight, but she also doesn't want her to gain anymore weight for two years. Am I insane to think this is odd??? So because of her opinions, I am on the search for a new pediatrician. After talking to some of my mommy friends, I have heard that my pediatrician dwells on weight. Also, when we were walking out of the room, Zoee took off down the hallway. Well, she said..bring her back and let me see her walk again. So I told Zoee to come back and she said..her feet do not look right. Well, DUH! I told her she is the one that sent us to see a specialist in Midland. She asked me if she was to wear special shoes. I told her she wore those for a year..and I wanted a second opinion so we took her to Tx Scottish Rite in Dallas. She asked what they said..I told her and she said..oh no, she needs to be wearing corrective shoes or something to correct that. This is after I've been through the whole mumbo jumbo of Scottish Rite saying that it's in her hips and there is nothing that we need to do..that she will grow out of it. Who do I believe?? Confusing much, right?? I am going to go ahead and go by what the specialists at TSRH have told me because I have more faith in what they know because they deal with cases like Zoee's every day. So I hope that we are doing the right thing...prayers please that we are.

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