Monday, January 21, 2013

A little bit of Everyday...

 Daddy and Mommy actually got to go on a date because one of our friends watched Zoee..this is the picture she sent to me.  She had a good time with Ellen and Westyn.
 We work out of a workbook every day to practice our letters, colors, numbers, and shapes..things like that.  Zoee really enjoys learning and I actually like to teach her.
 She decided to learn in her swimsuit today..ha ha  So random
 Grammy bought her this doll.  We just got rid of the other big doll she had cause I thought it was soo creepy and she had broke the leg off of her. Now, Grammy had to buy another one..EEKKKK!!  HA
 Zoee loves hanging out with her friend, Saralyn.  She's been hanging out with her a lot lately because Anabel and I trade out while she takes Dax to music class and I go to doctor's appointments.
 Dress up time!
 Aunt Toni sent the kids these kitties through the mail the other day.  Zoee has adopted all of them and plays with them every day.
 My sweet baby girl

 Zoee can tell when I don't feel too great and comes and cuddles up with me on the couch.  I love it.

 Dinner date with us at Dairy Queen.  She likes the idea of ice cream but never finishes it.  She sure is stinkin' cute though.

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