Friday, February 22, 2013

Everyday Life

 We try to have fun with whatever we here are a few random everyday moments of life.  Here we are waiting for a table at one of our favorite restaurants.  Zoee loves the fish tank here.
 Zoee has so much fun playing with her truck and horse trailer her Grammy & Papaw bought her for Christmas.
 Waiting for Daddy to get home from work, we act goofy I thought I'd capture some of those silly moments.

 HA HA..this is priceless!  Diva in her blonde wig.
 Sweet lovin's!
 Play date at the mall with her new friends

 Zoee even likes to use her Daddy as a model.  HA
Our fish tank.  My mom bought us some more fish for it and one of them had babies.  And she bought a male with all females in our this should be interesting.

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