Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Retinologist Diagnosis

Well, today I had a very surreal moment.  I finally got into see a retinologist who gave me a final diagnosis for my left eye.  I didn't really care for this particular doctor because he seemed to have that "GOD" complex, per se, as many doctors I've been to have had.  Not very good bedside manner at all.  My mom agreed.  It's especially irritating when you are given bad news from this kind of doctor.  He didn't really care to hear what I had to say, so was I not only disappointed in the outcome of the news, but also his demeanor.  

What I found out is that I have what is called Retinoschisis.  Retinoschisis is a genetic eye disease that splits the retina, the light-sensitive layer of cells lining the back of the eye.  It will usually affect both eyes, though one eye may be worse than the other.  If the split retina involves the peripheral or side retina, peripheral vision is lost. One is also at risk for a retinal detachment. But more commonly, retinoschisis affects the macula, the area of the retina responsible for central vision. In this location, one loses central vision.   So this could be a possibility in the future.  Right now, I only have the peripheral retinoschisis.  I have two tears one in the upper and peripheral side of my left eye.  There is no cure for this.  No treatment or surgery.  I have to keep getting regular eye appointments to make sure I'm not developing a retinal detachment and also to make sure it's not tearing into my central vision.  I cannot express how difficult it is to find out that you will no longer have vision....no matter part of your eye it is.  I've dealt with this for two years, now.  The doctor said, "Oh, you will get used to it."  No, you really don't.  Two years later and it still bothers me and it's a worry that it might get worse or develop in my other eye. When something is taken away you don't know how much it was really used or needed in the first place.  We all tend to take so many things in life for granted..especially when it comes to our health.   I just pray every day for God to help me handle this hardship and live my live to the fullest for myself and my family.  

I also went to see a chiropractor for the first time ever.  This was definitely interesting.  We discussed why I was there and he did some alignment testing.  I was way out of whack.  He said..WHOA!  I said, "That doesn't sound good".  He said..it's not..but we'll get ya fixed.  So he did an adjustment on me and I feel so much better today.  He told me to drink plenty of water cause he did quite a bit of adjusting.  I'm hoping this will help me with my gait.  Things are starting to come to an end though as far as figuring things out.  

Even though it's not always what we want in life..God has a plan for my life..a plan for everybody's life.  I just have to learn to lean on him and accept the things that I cannot change.  It's very difficult at times, but that's why God gives us each day to try to do this.  

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