Friday, November 29, 2013


 We didn't take a whole lot of Thanksgiving picture this year.  It was very low key.  Mom cooked a delicious meal and we ate on Friday instead of Thursday.  I took a long nap afterwards.  HA!  Here Zoee took wrapping paper card board and made a tent on the couch.  She's pretty creative.

 Making peanut butter cup cookies.  These were gone fast because they were so yummy!
I jammed my toes on the edge of the wall.  It hurt SOO bad and it hurt three of my toes. It scraped my foot and instantly started bruising and was hard to walk on.   

 Ethan let me cut his hair so he got one of his birthday presents early since he was such a good boy. He was showing Papaw all about it.
This was taken before Thanksgiving but  I just love it. Our sweet girls fight but are getting closer each and every day.  Zoee loves her Sebrena AKA Sissy being here.

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