Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Around the House & Out and About

 Brianna and Zoee having fun in her play house given to us.

 Sissy back rides..HA HA!
 Zoee eating her favorite...queso and chips from Rosa's.
 Daddy and Zoee planted some onions that Grandpa gave us.
 Old enough to help Daddy in the yard now.  Picking up weeds.
 No, they aren't alike at all.  HA HA
We've really enjoyed Sebrena living with us.  It's almost been 6 months..half a year..WOW!
 Sebrena and Zoee like to pester each other.  Here's a prime example.
 I love this precious face!
 I can't remember if I have posted this yet..but thought I'd share some of Zoee's drawings for Sebrena.  She even posted them on her closet door.  She drew her and her sissy and then at the bottom is Kurt Cobain.  Sebrena loves Nirvana.  Love is an understatement.  HA
I love this face, too!  Sweetness!

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