Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Family Randoms

 These two have become so close.  Sebrena has almost been with us for a year and she is loving it here.  She told me this last night, in fact.  She loves being able to be apart of her sister's life.
 My lil' love.  Even though she's growing up, she still needs her Mama and loves on me daily.  I love that and love her!

 Such a Daddy's girl..she misses him when he works nights.
 Hanging out with her neighbor.  Zoee has quite a few neighborhood friends now.
 Being silly with her Sissy.

 We love Daddy's days off...we get to go and hang out and have fun.
 WoW, is all I can say!  HA
 Playing ball with Daddy in the yard.  Mike loves that she can do anything a boy can do.
 Let's get physical..physical!  HA HA
 Taking a CAT NAP! adorable!
 Phaelen (Sebrena's boyfriend) comes to visit and even though she's the third wheel a lot of times..she adores him.
Pretty Peeta.  Love him..even though he's a ball of crazy!

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