Friday, October 24, 2014


Well, I'm sad to say that we were pregnant and due in June but I had another miscarriage.  This is my second one.  Mike and I are extremely sad and have such mixed feelings about it all.  We've been wanting another child for so long.  A lot of people say to us...isn't one enough??  Well, we actually have two...and unless you have infertility issues you will never know what we go through and don't understand the pain of taking test after test that is negative and all the feelings behind it all.  It's hard when you are trying and see others around you get pregnant so easily.  You want to be so happy for them and we usually are..but it's also very hard.  We have so much love to give and I believe we give the two we have such a wonderful life.  I would love to be able for Zoee to have someone around her age to grow up together with.  It's just really sad and something we deal with in our own timing.  Thanks for those that already knew and that have prayed. We greatly appreciate it!

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