Thursday, March 31, 2011

Remembering March 31, 2008

Today marks the anniversary of my childhood home going up in flames. I don't write this blog in hopes of drumming up horrible memories from this day..but from the many memories we've made and how far we've come as a family since this day. My parents bought this home when I was in 4th grade. I had many many wonderful memories in this home. For it to be taken in an instant is still hard to think about. All of the belongings that my parents worked so hard for gone in an moment. The thing I pray thanks over most about this tragedy is that my Dad's life was spared. He only had time to grab his wallet, Kirby (their dog) and Buttons (our cat). That's Dad for ya! Always has to save the animals..especially because they too are members of our family. Because of Kirby, my Dad is alive today. He warned my Dad of the fire..and I am so thankful. Because of the circumstance of my parents living arrangement because of my Mom's job and my Dad just retiring...I was so happy that they had retrieved most of the pictures and videos from the home that were taken of us growing up. It's been so rough, especially for my parents. I have prayed day after day that their grief would subside and that they would find comfort, that new memories are being made and could be made in a new home. Because my Mom is close to retiring..I can't wait to see how special their new home is going to be, whether they build or buy.
They deserve all the happiness in the world! Our family has endured much tragedy, not only with the fire, but with the wrecks we've been in and the hardships we've all faced these past two decades. It's hard to be positive some days...but I love my parents and my sister so much! My parents are the two strongest people I know and I pray for their understanding and peace in life in remembering this day.
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Heather Lynn said...

That is so sad :(

Fires scare me not only for their ability to take lives, but to take mementos too.