Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Two Days of Happenings

Well, because I have not been blogging, I am having to make up for it by adding many many posts at once..ha ha! So here are two days of happenings around here. Zoee is a girl of many facial expressions as you can see. She cracks me up so much. And how is it my child knows how to hold up toy guns and then rest her lil' hands on her holster as if she is in an old Western?? Some things are just a mystery...but, no, I don't condone her playing with guns. She found these in our costume box while cleaning and Mike thought it would be funny to put them on her belt as a holster. And I love that she will still crawl up on me and lay in my lap while falling asleep. It's nice to know she needs her Momma..even though she is one independent lil' girl.

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