Sunday, November 6, 2011



This month has been so great! She is completely potty trained. Had been in panties for two weeks straight...only one accident. She is so grown up and has so much sass! When we went to see her new pediatrician the other day she loved her. I was thankful. It's not like the old one where she would scream and cry as soon as we walked into the door. The doctor told me that she is perfectly healthy--not fat-- like my old pediatrician told me. She's 3 feet 3 inches tall. As tall as a 3 1/2 year old by statistics. HA HA! She weighs 37 lbs. So by her weight and height she is proportioned very well. She is getting smarter and smarter every day. Her new sass this week is: "Mom, Don't NO me!" Man, it's so cute to hear her say it the first time. So hard not to laugh at some of the things she says..when they are bad..but I usually have to correct her over and over. Lately, I've just been giving her the "MOM LOOK" glare and she will say.."SORRY" before I even scold her. So she knows what she does is wrong. She's been playing a lot with her friends lately and learning good and bad things from them. HA HA! We took Family pictures today so I will post pictures of her as soon as I get them back from Hollie with Hart's Photography. We had a lot of fun doing them today. Sebrena has been visiting a lot least once a month now and we love it! Zoee loves loves loves her "SISSY" as Sebrena is called. Zoee is very helpful most of the time. She has her moments..but she's pretty much out of the terrible two's and has been for a while. She is more sassy now. DIVA attitude for sure! We love her and she has added so much to our family. I hope we can give her another brother or sister some day very soon..she would love that.

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