Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Zoee's Actual 4th Birthday!

Zoee is 4 !! (TEAR)
She has grown up so much.  She is sooo full of life and spirit and loves to be lovable.  She is quite tempermental right now with a diva attitude.  It seems to always happen around her birthday.  She talks back a lot but is very very intelligent.  Uses huge words.  She loves to learn and even knows some Spanish.  She weighs 49 lbs and last time she went to the doctor she was 3 inches shy of 4 foot.  WOW!  VERY TALL 
She's spunky..very outgoing, and loves to put on a show for anybody how will watch.  She's in gymnastics right now and is about to start soccer very soon.  She looks like the both of us a lot.  Some days I see her Daddy and some days I see myself in her.  She acts a lot like her Papaw and Grammy.  She just got a new big girl bed with slide that is in love with and still takes naps on occasion.  Her favorite foods are hamburgers and french fries, spaghetti, strawberries, summer sausage, fruit snacks, green beans, and sweet tea.  She LOVES chocolate! (like her Grammy) Her favorite restaurants are anything with a burger and fries and Ghengis Grill.  She can't get enough of their sausage, baby corn, green beans, and noodles there. She loves to play pretend and make believe (big imagination) and pretends she is a kitty all the time.  She has a new found love for Netflix shows cause it has about every show on there for kids you can imagine.  She's very independent and loves to be helpful.  Her favorite color is pink..mainly hot pink.  She loves to cuddle (which I love) and loves to learn on the IPad or Nook.  She's a very healthy and happy lil' girl .  We love her so much!

We took her to Fuddrucker's for her favorite meal..HAMBURGERS and french fries!
Rode the carousel that she loves.

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