Saturday, July 19, 2014

Celtic Concert

I won tickets from Big 2 News on their Facebook page to the Celtic Concert at the Wagner Noel Theater here in Odessa.  I knew that my Dad loved Celtic music because he loves bagpipes so I invited him and my Mom to come with me.  Mike had to he couldn't go.  But Sebrena joined us.  The first hour, a man played Celtic music on two different types of guitars.  He was extremely talented..but I was praying that something exciting was going to happen. Sure enough, it did.  This group called The Rogues performed next.  They consist of two bagpipers and two percussionists.  They were amazing.  They played for a good hour.  My Dad was so cute cause he was knee slapping and tapping his foot.  I loved that I got to share this moment with him and my mom.  He even hugged me and kissed me on my head and said, "Thank you so much for inviting us. I had a great time." I was glad they came!  

Sebrena and I were crushing on this this guy named Jesse, who was one of the bagpipers.  He was so talented and extremely funny...not to mention easy on the eyes.  HA!  Well, Mom went up to him and asked if we could take a picture with him.  We get beside him and he leans over and I thought..Oh, he's just gonna give me a peck on the cheek..No..he kisses me on my cheek..but stays there for a good 20-30 seconds.  I was flattered cause he kissed my cheek instead of Sebrena's..HA (this is why she is looking at us the way she is.

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