Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekly Randoms

My friend, Traci brought her boys (Koleton & Kian) over to play and visit with us.  They moved to Arizona almost a year ago and we have only seen them a couple of times since.  Zoee and the boys had fun playing and Traci and I caught up on life. I sure love all my special mommy friends I've made throughout this past few years.
 Mike took me to see Tammy and Deliver Us from Evil.  They were both pretty good shows.  I love anything with Melissa McCarthy (soooo hilarious) and I love Eric Bana, too.  He was in the exorcist show.
My goofy girl posing and goofing around.  So pretty.
She's so thankful that her Papaw sent her a subscription to High Five (Highlights) magazine.  She gets them each month and spends several days going through it over and over.
 I love this picture Zoee drew.  She is such an artist like her Daddy.  You can just tell the attitude this girl has.
My sweets!  Such a beautiful face

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