Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Flood has Taken OVER

I mean really---it's Labor Day Weekend and we have yet another obstacle to encounter. This time the culprit is something busting on our air conditioner causing our spare bedroom and Zoee's room floor to flood. Of course they are both carpet so they have to be replaced tomorrow. So we had to move everything out of her room and the spare room. We have stuff piled all over the house..this is a glimpse of our bedroom there is whole other side that is filled with things, as well. Because we don't have a garage, our spare bedroom's closet is basically our storage..that's why there are so many boxes. That closet was packed! Thank goodness nothing really was ruined and that our bedroom is really really big to hold two rooms full of stuff plus the things that are already in there. What a fun holiday this has been! I'm suppose to be hosting Bunco at my house on Friday and I'm a little freaked out that I won't have everything done and put away by Friday, especially having to wrangle a toddler, too. FUN times this week for me.

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