Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend with Grammy & PaPaw

I was shocked and excited that my parents decided to take Zoee for two days and give Mike and I a much needed break. It was a great of time as ever because we had some lines bust on our air conditioner and our spare room and Zoee's room flooded the carpets (this in another post..UGH) But she had a blast and I'm pretty sure she didn't miss us one bit..although I did hear she asked about Gizmo...ha ha! Go figure! Grammy and PaPaw spoiled the crap out of her...let her eat chocolate ice cream, play outside a lot (because the weather here for the past couple of days has been beautiful), bought her new toys to play with at their house, and even some new Fall clothing. They had bought an ol' Radio Flyer rocking horse a while back and went and dug it out of the storage and she just loves it. They took naps, played on the playground, and had a blast! I'm so glad Zoee acted good for them, also.

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