Saturday, April 6, 2013

Great Time @ Home

 Spending time at home on the weekends with Daddy and friends.
 I wasn't feeling good this particular day so Mike took Zoee outside for some fun.  It was really hottest day we've had so far so he set up her bouncer and she played in the water.  They cut open a watermelon and enjoyed some quality time together.  So adorable!

We met some friends at Jumping Party on a Friday and then Anabel took Zoee home with her to play with Saralyn and Dax in the back yard while we went to dentist.  They have so much fun together!

 Playing paperdolls with Daddy..HA
 I love that Zoee is learning how to write words..but definitely not on our doors.  SHEESH!  She has learned so much more now that Mom has been helping me work with her.  She is a smartie and getting excited and ready for Pre-K!
 Our lil' Southern Bell on the way home.
 Ahh..think she's getting a lil' big for this..but having fun anyway.  You're only a kid once! :)

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