Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mayo Diagnoses

It was a grueling week of tests and doctor/specialists visits at Mayo..but I finally got some answers that I needed.  Here is what I was diagnosed with:
1.  Left-sided focal chorioretinitis
2.  Functional Gait disorder
3.  Numbness or paresthesias, without peripheral nerve disorder
4.  Non-Epileptic Seizure Disorder
5.  Memory concerns
6.  Polycystic Ovarian disease
7.  Hypertension
8.  Rash, Intermittent
9.  Retinoschisis in Left eye
10.  Visual Disturbance
11.  Defect Pupil Afferent
12.  Deficit Cognitive Non-psychiatric
13.  Anxiety
14.  Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome
15. Back Pain due to disc problems

Seems like quite a lot..but most of these contribute to each other in a nutshell.  I have to make a plan. First and foremost, I have to get into see a retinologist. Here at the Mayo, they do not have retinologists appointments available for a couple of months.  That is how busy they are or I would of seen one here.  So if anybody knows of any good ones around this area, please let me know.  I think I am going to look in the Lubbock area, as well.  I have to find a psychologist for my anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome, stress for some cognitive behavior therapy.  I didn't realize how important your psyche really is until this week and how much it affects your life.  I need to seek someone close by who knows how to do functional gait restorative therapy. This will train me how to walk normally again.  The abnormal walk could of been a combination of walking in that boot for 7 months, the way I cannot see out of the peripheral of left eye, and also the numbness and tingling..not being able to just get up and go when I want.   I was told that the non-epileptic seizures are stress as soon as I get the therapy going..this should help with this and hopefully possibly go away.   I am still on epileptic medication at the moment but being weaned off of it slowly because with non-epileptic seizures..medication does not work.  That is why I was having so many of them...the medication wasn't doing anything.   I have been dealing with polycystic ovarian disease for years and years.  This is why it took me so long to get pregnant with Zoee.  I've had hypertension since the end of my pregnancy with Zoee.  These things I've known about for a long time.   I do not have any nerve damage or MS.  Thank goodness.  I do not have optic neuritis, a brain tumor, pseudo tumor cerebrai, or anything else but what is listed above, which was diagnosed to me in the past two years.  UGH!!!   I have post traumatic stress syndrome from the previous wrecks I had years ago.  Still dealing with the repercussions of not dealing with it back then.  This is why I freak out when riding with people and sometimes while driving.   And I will then need to see a dermatologist for some skin rashes I get and some other skin problems going on.  As for everything else..he said just de-stress my life as much as possible and rest when I can so the fatigue won't become greater and make the tremors and muscle spasms comes back or continue.  They have also tested me for a few other tests such as West Nile and Tuberculosis that haven't come back I should be hearing the results of that soon.  These all can cause Sarcoidosis, which can lead to the eye problems I am having.  All my other labs came out fine.  No lyme disease.  I believe that my anxiety all started back when I had that pyschosis episode after I was given the IV steriod drugs for three days and it made me crazy for about three weeks.  Then after losing the baby in October, I think things just kept piling up and getting diagnosed with so many different things that weren't even true added to the stress and worry of everything.  For those of you that didn't know I was almost 6 weeks pregnant back in October and I found out we were no longer pregnant on Halloween.  Very sad! As seen on my MRI of spine..I have some disc things going on so if I continue to have the back pain, I will need to seek a specialist for that, as well.   It's been a stressful time at Mayo..but well worth the journey there.   I still have a very long journey to go medically..but at least I'm on a great starting path, whereas, I was not getting the answers I needed from doctors in Odessa/Midland, and even in Dallas.  Thank you for all of your prayers and those that helped contribute financially to our trip to Mayo.  You will never know how much it truely means to us to have great family and friends like you.  We love you all and hope that you all are doing well in your own families and are healthy.  We are going to be taking it a day at a time.  We'll continue to pray that God blesses our lives and blesses yours, as well.   Mike still has not found a job and his last day is May 10th.  He has a few praying that God places him at the right place for our family.  Hope you all take care and God Bless! :)

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