Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Times While We're at Mayo

 Zoee is enjoying her stay with Grammy and Papaw while we are in Mayo.  I talk to her every night and she is just the most precious thing EVER!  We both miss her sooo much! It's hard being away from your baby this long.
 Helping Papaw plant flowers.  She's going to have a green thumb!
 Playing over at my sister's house with Ethan
 Helping Papaw feed the birds.
Helped Grammy make homemade pizza..Looks delicious!
My mom told me tonight that she reads her two books before nap time and bed time and that she says her prayers at night and always includes "Please Lord, Make my mommy well!"  OH MY..Tears welling up inside.  How sweet, honest, and loving is that.  My 4 year praying to our precious Lord for her Mommy to get better.  Can't get enough of her...just too precious!  My Mom and Dad have to take her to her four year appointment next Monday.  I can't wait to see how much taller she has gotten.  I think the Doctor will be impressed out how much she has matured she she has seen her.  She has to get her shots and records to be able to start Pre-K (God willing) very soon! :)

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