Saturday, August 16, 2014


 Mom, Jillery, and the kiddos met us for lunch at Mi Piaci's (another favorite place of mine to eat) for my birthday.  Afterwards, we went and did some shopping and then I told the kids that they could stay the night with us for two days.  It's the end of summer cause school is about to start and they miss each other.  I knew they wouldn't get to see each other as much during the school year.  But the kids had such a blast together.  Lily loves to dress up.  And her and Zoee had so much fun dressing up all weekend.  We took them to the park and McDonald's to play for a treat.  Zoee was so loving with Lilly.  Ethan and Zoee start fighting like brother and sister when they are around each other a while.  HA  It's funny.  They miss each other  and ask for each other when they are apart..but fight when they are around each other.  It's crazy!  But it was a great weekend having them here.  I wouldn't say I could ever be a Mom of three small ones..but it was fun times with them for two days. :) HA

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