Monday, August 18, 2014

Dallas Trip to the Docs

We spent 3 days in Dallas. First day was spent at the doctor for my Mom.  She went for a check up on her arms with her orthopedist.  He had bad news after x-raying them.  She has to have another replacement but the kicker is they only make the replacement part in Italy.  Her doctor is working to the FDA approve it to be made here in the it may be a while before she is able to get this done.  She's also on a waiting list. :(  Then I had an appointment for my left eye with another retinologist in the group of doctors I've been seeing.  It came out that they set me up to see the wrong doctor so my trip to Dallas this time was really unnecessary.  I was so mad!  It costs a lot of money to travel up there ..stay, food, doc visits etc.  She basically told me I don't know why they set you up with me.  She was really nice but I had to an ERG that morning and then more eye tests at their office.  It lasted almost 4 hours.  NO FUN!  I'll tell ya more about the testing etc after I go back and see one last doctor for this.  I am going in a couple of weeks and will make a post about what the docs think.  So far I have been diagnosed with Visual Field Defect, Retinoschisis, and Chorioretinitis.  They are looking into diagnosing me with one more thing but will talk more about that soon. 
 We went to a mall to kill some time.  Zoee loves the Disney store.  They had these neat trees up all around the store with the Disney Fairies projected on them.  It was cool.  She was posing in a castle with a magic mirror.  They have the neatest things in their store.
 The UP house was in the middle of the mall.

 I tried to run quickly by the Build a Bear store.  Zoee loves it, too.  They have some really cute things.  They had a sale going we stopped in and Zoee got Aeriel's cat.  We went to eat at my all time favorite Tex/Mex restaurant, Pappasitos (man I wish they would get one here in Odessa).  Zoee drew her Palace pet..she is such an artist.
 We swung by Target afterwards and were beat.  So Mom got on a scooter chair.  She picked up one that didn't have much by the end of our visit it was going really slow.  I went around the corner..I saw Zoee pushing Mom along to make her go faster.  I look back and this is what I see.  I had to snap a pic for fun memories, of course.  Mom cracks up every time she sees this.  I just noticed that the guy in the pic must of had a mean craving for Cheetos, too.  FUNNY altogether.  Zoee is so dramatic and this shows.  She's hilarious.

 Mom and Zoee ordered a brownie sundae.  It was good. I had a bite.
 We also go to see Ashton, Adelynn, and Amber.  We haven't seen them in such a long time.  Ashton and Zoee loved playing together.  They are so cute. We went to a place called Kidmania.  It was really fun and HUGE.

And afternoon of fun!

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