Friday, April 8, 2011

The Scare followed by the Fat Lip

After having a lovely afternoon with friends at McDonalds, we went home and as soon as Zoee got into the door she stripped her shoes off. She went immediately for her socks and while sitting on the floor was trying to pull her socks off, I guess the motion yanked her forward. She did not have time to brace herself with her hands and she went face first into the tile. I ran over, yanked her up and blood was everywhere and she was screaming. I panicked for a minute cause I immediately thought she had busted out her front teeth because there was so much blood. I ran and got what I needed to calm her down and clean her up. I checked her teeth. The bleeding stopped pretty that was good. Teeth were fine..WHEW!! But her lip on the side she busted swoll up so fast. I have never seen anything like it. I felt so bad for her. She wouldn't let me put ice on it to get the swelling to go down and make it feel a little better, so I gave her a popsicle. She loved it. She didn't really make it out to be a big neither did I. She calmed down pretty fast and was up playing again in no time. It's amazing how kids just bounce right back.

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