Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stomach Bug Strikes!

The nasty stomach bug has hit over here. Jillery kept Zoee while we went to the Crawfish Boil. I thought it would be fun for her to get to hang out and play with her cousin, Ethan. Well, towards the end of the night Zoee ended up pooping on their floor. I thought this was really strange. A little bit later she vomited everywhere and so we went and got her. She made it all the way home and as soon as we pulled into the drive way she threw up again. Poor baby was hit by the bug. She continued to be sick throughout the night off and on until about 7:30 am. She was fine all day even ate some mashed potatoes and had a bottle of Pedialyte during the whole day Sunday..but threw up again about 11:30 Sunday tonight. She was so hungry..and was begging for milk around 8:00 pm. I read online that you can give toddlers milk about 6 hours after the last vomit. I gave her a little bit and, of course, it didn't sit on her stomach very well. She is better now..and sleeping nicely..hopefully no one we came into contact with, or ourselves get the bug.

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