Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Doctor and Spinal Tap

So after the 2nd ER visit, I finally was referred to a different doctor other than Dr. Gurru. Dr. Abijay said he would take me on as a patient and I went and saw him on Monday. He was so nice and very informative. He told me that he doesn't think by the sounds of what all my symptoms are that I have Pseudotumor Cerebri. I wasn't having migraines and my MRI didn't show swelling in the back of my brain. He said just to be sure, he wanted me to go ahead and get a spinal tap to makes sure everything checked out with my brain. I told him when I went to Midland Memorial, they told me I was unable to do the spinal tap. He said..no, it should not be a problem in Odessa. So they scheduled it for the next day. He ordered a bunch of tests of my cerebral spinal fluid. He thinks with my vision impairment in left eye, that I might of had a stroke in my eye. I told him that the week that the I lost my vision I was taking a medication called medroxyprogesterone. I was taking it because my monthly visitor was visiting wayyy too long..like for 7 weeks straight. NOT FUN at all and the OBGYN had prescribed it to me to stop it. I had to take it for 10 days as ordered and on the 4th day of taking it was when I lost my sight in the peripheral of my left eye. Dr. Abijay said I most certainly could of had a stroke caused from the progesterone. That's scary! He said if everything checks out with my brain then he was going to refer me to see a neuro-opthalmologist up in Ft. Worth.

So the next day, I went in for the lumbar tap under the fluroscope. They use a fluroscope ( fancy name for xray machine) during the procedure to make sure they getting the needle in the right place. I went in ..laid on my stomach...he took a bunch of xrays while finding the right placement and inserted the 1st needle..wasn't able to reach my fluid..inserted a longer one..wasn't able to reach it still. I must be really dense..cause I don't have much fat back there..ha ha. Inserted a third bigger longer needle and he got it in the right place. It's not excruiating pain..but it's not pleasant either..just really uncomfortable and irritating. I've had an epidural with Zoee..so I kind of knew what to expect..this they just go deeper to reach the fluid. Then he rolled me on my side and placed a meter on the end to measure the pressure on my brain. It was normal..measured at 12.8..normal measures anywhere from 10-20. He said my fluid looked clear and that was a good sign. It took forever cause I was a dripper..they needed 17 cc's for testing tubes and he said he counted 30 drips per cc...so it took a long time. I had to go home and lay down flat for 6-8 hours afterwards. That wasn't fun.
The next day, I felt okay the next day..had a bad headache in the morning, but it subsided by afternoon..which was good. I was really sore..but that is all to be expected after having this type of procedure.
I came home on Wednesday after staying with my parents for a while...Zoee and I decided to brave it alone now that most of that steriods was out of my system and not making me feel icky and crazy. Although, I'm still having horrible nights..not able to sleep because when I lay down I start to feel sick and tremor a little bit still..and it makes my stomach hurt and I feel nauseous. I don't know why it only happens at night. I'm praying that those steriods get out of my system ASAP cause I'm over all of that. I have nothing good to say about Dr. Gurru. He is the one that gave me all those steriods and juiced me up basically with that and the Topamax making me all crazy. He totally misdiagnosed me and I am so mad about it.

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