Friday, January 20, 2012

Spinal Results

I went and saw Dr. Abijay this week and he gave me most of the results of my spinal tap. I am so glad I do not have Multiple Schlerosis and all the others he received back came back negative. He said we are still waiting on some of them to cook. HA He really has a great sense of humor. He told me I definitely do not have PseudoTumor Cerebri..which is also a blessing. My brain had normal pressure at 120 and anything over 200 is considered to have PTC. He asked if I had trouble..cause apparently they have a grading system they place on the records. Mine was high he said..which meant they had trouble. I said..Uh yeah..they had to stick me with three different needles. He said..well, as least they were able to do it. I have had a hot spot on my right upper thigh for a couple of weeks that he said is probably bursitis caused by me walking with this dang boot. He said when you get inbalanced and walk that way for a while..certain tendons and ligaments will become yeah that's what I have going on now. NOT FUN..cause it's really painful to the touch and sore. He told me what to do to make it feel hopefully it will start soon. I am going to be starting back at the Y at the beginning of February swimming and classes maybe that will work it out, too!

Zoee and I have felt imprisoned...ha ha We haven't gone anywhere cause I haven't driven but once in over a month. It's weird not driving. I told Mom that I might as well get used to driving like this..cause if the eye damage is permanent, then I have to live with it.

Dr. Abijay seemed kind of frustrated that he couldn't help me. He has ordered one more test which I have to go back and do another MRI..well it's actually called an MRA. He wants to check the blood vessels and arteries in my neck to make sure I don't have or have had an aneurysm that caused this. I told him he better prescribe me a happy pill along with booking that MRI..ha I have bad anxiety when it comes to that MRI machine. not looking forward to that next Tuesday. He is still sending me to the specialist in Ft. Worth for my eye. That trip is planned for the 30th of this month. So I'm praying he knows exactly what has happened and he can fix me.

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