Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Day 1" of 25 Days of Christmas

I decided to do a 25 days of Christmas posting everyday up until Christmas with all of our fun holiday festivities and pictures.

So here it is the 1st day of December so we will start it off by our visit to Santa! Zoee absolutely adores the "BIG MAN". We went to Miss Cayce's again this year to visit him and she loved it. He is so great with her and she sat on his lap, he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, he hugged her, and told her to grab a candy cane out of his bag and to make sure she is good! (No guarantees..hee hee!) Well, her being her Daddy's kiddo grabbed about 4 of them out of the bag to take..ha ha! That is something Mike would do. I just snickered and he laughed out loud real big. And she waved precious..just makes my heart melt!

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