Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Pictures Found!

This is hilarious! The turkey set in on Thanksgiving and Dad took a lil' siesta right at the table. HA HA! You know when you are getting older when you take a nap sitting straight up! :)

Here are some pictures I found on my phone today from Thanksgiving. I had mentioned that I didn't take any pics..but I guess I did take a few with my phone. Here is Ethan with his new cool cut. It was very traumatizing for Jillery and I..and I bet just as equally for him. We should of done it early in the day and not waited when he was tired. But it turned out SO adorable!

Here's precious lil' Lillian Joy... She's so sweet and beautiful!
Mike really really loves Lillian..he just loves babies! He wouldn't let her go this night..and Zoee helped feed her..which she is slowly warming up to her more and more.
HA HA..So funny!

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