Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Day 7" of 25 Days of Christmas

We attended our play date of Jolly Jumping at the Jumping Party. Zoee loves this place..but they really need some major upkeep. She always has a ton of fun with her friends.

Afterwards we went to Chick-fil-A and had some lunch and played some more. Zoee got her finger smashed in the door and this couple sitting right beside her didn't even get up from eating to help her. I heard her screaming and ran over there (gimpy and all in my boot) and there they sat..just watching her. Thankfully she didn't hurt it very was caught in the door just good enough to be a little painful..but not bad. It was a day of injuries because my friend that was with us went to pull her chair out and her finger got caught between the chair seat and the metal part and it ripped her fingernail up (right in the middle) looked really horrible and her vagel response kicked in cause she was so sweaty and I thought she was going to pass out right there. She was bleeding all over the place and it was just not a great experience at Chick-fil-A that day for us.

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