Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Zoee is 33 Months Old

Zoee is
Months Old!

I cannot believe how fast this year has just flown. She is officially 2 years and 9 months old. We have already started thinking about her 3rd birthday. HA HA I just can't believe how much she has grown this year, either. She still weighs the same. 37 pounds and is over 3 feet tall. She is talking sooo much and sometimes too much. She is definitely a social butterfly (like her Mama)..well, Mike is pretty social, as well, so she picks up on a lot of it. She has been making tons of friends and has a few "special" ones that we hang out with during the week. I love that she's learning to make friends and share. It's so hard not having a sibling (something I hope that we can give her soon). Lord knows she needs one..cause poor Gizmo has about had it with all the pestering..LOL She gives him heck..and I can't believe he just sits and takes it. He's very protective of her, too. Zoee has been singing a lot lately. She is learning more songs and has a great voice already. I'm wondering if she is going to be musically inclined. I'm musically inclined and Mike's art inclined..so I'm thinking she's going to be very whimsical and artsy in some sense or another. She loves to dance and asks me about every other day if she can go to dance class. We are planning on starting her in classes after the New Year. She loves to play with her ponies, Barbies, still loves to read, and is more into playing dress up and delves into her play kitchen a lot. She is not much into TV anymore. She still likes to watch the Disney shows but is more about watching movies now. I guess cause her attention span has broadened..ha ha! She's quite the active lil' socialite. She's potty trained completely which was a big accomplishment for her. She even wipes and washes her hands all by herself...EXTREMELY independent. Won't let me help at all now, which makes me a little sad..cause she's growing up way too fast. But she still enjoys snuggling. :) Her favorite word these days is "NO". She says "Don't NO me. " Meaning don't tell her "No". It's hard not to laugh sometimes..cause we have to stand our ground and punish her for things she does wrong..but sometimes they are just so funny. She's extremely dramatic. She doesn't throw too many fits..mainly just when she is overly tired. She's growing out of her toddler bed..cause I've caught her on the floor a few times this past week. We are going to be switching her to a twin size very very soon. We just love her so much! She's so charismatic and sweet. She's very helpful when asked to do something. She loves loves loves her Grammy and PaPaw and asks for them daily. She also loves her Aunt JJ (Jillery Joy) and Ethan. We just spend our days going on play dates, spending time together..learning and having fun. I'm trying to soak every minute of it up!

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