Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Parade & Zoee's First Time Bowling

 We went bowling on the 4th with Jillery, Ethan, and Lillian.  It was so much fun seeing the kids excitement.  It was all of their first times to do it.  Zoee was kicking our booty for a long time.
 I love Lillian and Ethan's face when watching their Momma bowl.  HA
 We went and hung out at our house afterwards...Lillian was riding around in Zoee's old car.  Cute
 We met Amy and Mason at the 4th of July parade that morning and then Jillery surprised us by showing up. We had a great time, had a great spot at the beginning of the parade, and even though it was really short..the kids had a blast!

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