Thursday, July 18, 2013

Weekly Randoms

 We took Zoee to play since the weather has been nice.  It's cooler with rainy days off and on.  We went to a new park we haven't been to and Zoee liked it and it got us out of the house for some fresh air.
 Now, before you gross out..let me explain.  Zoee has had this happen to her tongue twice now.  I thought it was hand, foot, and mouth disease that was going around that she had before.  Her last pediatrician told me it was fungus and prescribed her medication.  It didn't help.  I took her to a different pediatrician.  He said right off that it is something called "Geographic Tongue".  It was the craziest little condition EVER.  It looks horribly painful to me..but she doesn't complain about it at all.  He said it shouldn't hurt her.  It's were the taste buds rub off of the top layer of the tongue.  It's something that is hereditary.  It looks like this pictured above cause it takes on continent-looking splotches.  It can happen all of her tongue.  It's worse when her immune system is down or she has a cold it can appear.  I'm sooo glad it's not painful.  He said she will probably have it the rest of her life and can appear, as well, when she is stressed as she gets older.  I googled it and there is a lot of info about it and about 1-3 percent of the population get it.  It can look like this one day and then when she wakes up look worse and then the following day be totally gone.  It's a strange lil' condition.  Weird how our bodies work!
 Zoee loves her nap time at Pre-K.  Her teacher sent me this the other day of her sweetly napping.  She said that she hit the pillow and she was out in about three minutes.  I have to normally wake Zoee up when I pick her I'm glad she is getting some good rest after working and playing hard at Pre-K!
 I'm goofy because I like to document you can tell.  I just have always wanted Zoee to be able to look back and myself, as well, to be able to look back and reminsce about what we've done, when things have happened, and how much things have changed.  I didn't know if Zoee would want to look back later on in life and look at all the pictures I've taken, but she proves me right when she grabs our picture albums at the house and starts looking through her baby pictures.  She loves to sit and talk about it for a long time.  It melts my heart when she does this..cause it's something I really enjoy, too!  And because I'm such a picture fanatic (yes, I know some of you think I'm crazy for posting and taking so many different pictures) I know that I will get to share this special bond with my little one and hopefully big girl when she is grown.  Also because she is still young and is just now starting to create memories in her head..if something ever happened to her Daddy, me, our family, and friends (God forbid) I want her to be able to cherish those memories through pictures.
And last but not least..a drawing that Zoee did on the back of her homework today.  Her drawing is so good and she is quite the artistic lil' one already at four.

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