Saturday, July 13, 2013

Swimming with Ethan

Zoee went to stay with her Grammy and PaPaw this past weekend and they went swimming while there at a pool that Jillery and Tyler are renting out.  Zoee has never really put her head under water in the pool very much.  To my surprise, she was dunking, jumping off the side, and going down the slide.  Of course, it had to be when I wasn't there.  She was doing it in the bath tub but not pool, so I'm glad that she she is no longer afraid and getting more and more brave in the water.  Zoee loves staying with her Grammy & Papaw..they spoil her so much and she loves every minute of it.  Ethan got to stay with her over there all weekend.  He threw the biggest fit to stay Saturday night, as well.  So Zoee told Grammy, you might as well let him stay.  HA  So she let him.  He loves his Zoee and she loves him! :)

Grammy made them Mickey Mouse cute!

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