Friday, July 19, 2013

Grand Ol' Time @ the Grandparents

 We went to stay with Mom and Dad for a couple of days when Zoee got out of school on Thursday.  Zoee had such a great time (as she always does).  Here she is playing the Wii with PaPaw.
 She learned to jump off the diving board!  She's definitely NOT a scaredy cat.

 Ethan came over to play with her.
 Lillian loves playing in Zoee's old coupe.  She is too cute!  They are all looking at the camera and smiling..Maybe a first! :)
 Dance party by the pool.
 Found a caterpillar in the garden.
 This really proves that my girl has some talent.  She drew this and said.."Look,'s a cowboy!"  AMazing!
 Helping Grammy put away the silverware.

 Grammy got the job of blowing up some of the floatie.
 Beauties in the Garden
 Here's her first time off of the proud of her!

 The corn in the parents have green thumbs!

 Pure Joy in the sun and water.

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