Thursday, September 5, 2013


 I cannot say enough great things about Mike.  He has been such a lifesaver to me the past couple of years.  I have not been completely myself because of everything my body has gone through.  It's hard some days cause I am still having seizures.  He is so patient with me and helps out when and where he can with Zoee and around the house.  He is always thoughtful and really treats me with the respect I truly deserve.  I am so very happy that God placed him in my life to create our wonderful lil' family.  We may not have all the money in the world and have some ups and downs...but as long as have each other..we will try and maintain a wonderful marriage and the love of a lifetime.
 This lil' girl (or BIG girl) is so stinkin' cute.  She's grown soo much.
 HA HA..I love it!
 Mike made a very delicious steak just the way I like it along with baked potatoes and boiled okra..YUM

Funny that I took a picture of just his arm...but look at these guns.  They are getting bigger.  So proud of him for getting healthy!

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